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Received a call from this number and sent it to vm. They called right back so I answered it and no one said anything.
Posted by Mrs. B
Friday, 12.13.2019 @ 12:29pm
Caller hangs up without saying a word. I'd like to get my hands on them.
Posted by Sid
Friday, 12.13.2019 @ 09:53am
Lad called referring to the Winter Fuel Payment I'd just had and this call is about the remainder of my payment to cover checking my windows for energy savings.
Told him this sounded like a scam as no further payments due to me.
He then became quite ''loutish'' so I hung up.
Posted by John
Friday, 12.13.2019 @ 07:34am
Scammers. Do not pick up or you will be redirected to a premium rate number that will use up all your credit.
Posted by Stephen
Friday, 12.13.2019 @ 03:54am
not answer
Posted by zdt06
Thursday, 12.12.2019 @ 21:09pm
Man called asking to page my maintenance manager.
Asked what is was calling about and he said he said a note to have my manager paged.
I know this was bull in my maintenance manager is always busy. We only page for emergencies.
When I was asking more questions, he hung up on me. I called the number back, the line picked up and was immediately dropped.
Posted by TC
Thursday, 12.12.2019 @ 14:58pm
This number called my aunt today claiming that she ordered 2 iPhone 11's that were to be shipped to her address, to her name, and even gave her the Verizon account number. They hung up after she told them she didn't order anything. When she tried calling back the number was no existent. She called Verizon and they have absolutely no idea what she was talking about.
Seems to me this number is fraud.
Posted by Kensie
Thursday, 12.12.2019 @ 13:59pm
Actually, this is Amazon Logistics, trying to deliver a parcel. I do not think this is a scam. I would recommend picking up as they are probably right at your front door.
Posted by JU
Thursday, 12.12.2019 @ 08:04am
Police Community Club?
Posted by Aimee
Thursday, 12.12.2019 @ 06:22am
received a automatic call stated was l think a scam from this number

Posted by Linda
Thursday, 12.12.2019 @ 03:52am
Claims to be the National Lottery and offering free luck dips. The had my address which I refused to confirm with them. I wouldn't have thought the National Lottery would do this.
Posted by Lenny
Wednesday, 12.11.2019 @ 10:24am
The Idiot called me at 1405 hrs Wed 11 Dec. I believe he was a Pakistani due to his accent. I made a few choice comments and put the phone down. The Police should be informed regarding his harassment.
Posted by Dave
Wednesday, 12.11.2019 @ 09:17am
Called pretending to be from Sky insurance saying monthly payment failed and offering a reduced year offer. Definitely scammers.
Posted by Liz
Tuesday, 12.10.2019 @ 07:02am
I received 4 calls shortly after midnight. I never heard the calls and they never left no message.
Posted by outlaw
Monday, 12.9.2019 @ 22:15pm
They call and when you ask "Who is it?" They hang up and if you call back. You get a message saying that the number is not in use.
Posted by JB
Monday, 12.9.2019 @ 09:24am
Called me on from this number. Returning the call but no one answered. Checked the mobile number. It's a SPAM no. Go figure.
Posted by Kenny
Monday, 12.9.2019 @ 02:08am
Call from one of RHB bank agency -- HBG (at Menara UOA, Bangsar, KL.)
A girl
her sould like malay girl, not sure.
Posted by Eddie
Friday, 12.6.2019 @ 00:12am
SAFE residential number
Posted by Concerned
Thursday, 12.5.2019 @ 18:50pm
Calls continuously does not leave message
Posted by Kim
Thursday, 12.5.2019 @ 11:58am
Ask from my Wife I'd card number ,for Punjab bank renewal atm visa card'
So I dout ,about why cal direct customer,why not contect by branch ,or by latter.
Posted by Humayun
Thursday, 12.5.2019 @ 05:39am
Yup... that is Sherwood Leo
Posted by ED
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 18:19pm
We know this Asian guy. He's from High Point but says he's a doctor in West Virginia? Who knows
Posted by TM
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 18:15pm
We know of this Asian guy- it's Sherwood Leo in High Point/ North Carolina. He's a wack job
Posted by TM
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 18:13pm
There is an advert/site on MSN offering Radley handbags at massively reduced prices, which looks too good to be true. The site looks authentic, exactly like Radley's but I suspect a scam because the number given on the site is - 0203 371 2313. I cannot find this phone number anywhere in Radley's portfolio. Beware!!
Posted by Dave
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 17:45pm
Posted by Denys
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 15:02pm
Swansea based. Hung up as soon as I answered.
Posted by Andrew
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 09:50am
It's a company called Enquin, dealing with asbestos
Posted by Maureen
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 06:24am
Multiple calls over several days 11/21 to 11/26. No message left.
Posted by Nubee
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 17:15pm
Hi justin
Posted by P
Tuesday, 12.3.2019 @ 05:28am
Internal number for a UK and European Bank. HQ The Netherlands. NOT a sales number. **NEEDS Special Security number generator.
Posted by David
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 13:14pm
Called me sounded like they were on the move when I asked who it was didn't respond but I could here them - Id say scam to get you to call back
Posted by Sarah
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 10:39am
Have rec'd more than 20 calls since lunchtime Sunday, rings for few seconds then goes off. Tried ringing back and got some message about getting through to Golden Phone so hung up. Numbers vary after blocking each one. Turned mobile off and then on again hope it goes now
Posted by Carol
Monday, 12.2.2019 @ 04:16am
rings but leaves no answer message
Posted by billy
Sunday, 12.1.2019 @ 11:40am
Scam camm
Call me in the afternoon , automated voice call saying from anti corruption department
Posted by Timo
Saturday, 11.30.2019 @ 23:42pm
Caller never leaves a message. Nuscense call, blocked the number.
Posted by D. Ols
Saturday, 11.30.2019 @ 15:07pm
James from Tony's fashion's selling leather Mankini's and Fence Panels
Posted by Derek
Friday, 11.29.2019 @ 09:13am
HRMC Tax scam -
Posted by Tracey
Friday, 11.29.2019 @ 05:45am
Called me also
Posted by Angelbabe1uk
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 21:33pm
Annoying caller. No message.
Posted by Alec
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 19:50pm
I just wish that they would leave a message. They call all the time and never leave a message.
Posted by Tony
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 18:06pm
calling every day and no answer when you answer
Posted by joey
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 09:05am
Look up reg plates but never contacted these people
Posted by Tony
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 06:21am
who are you and wy you send me a pitcher
Posted by shahzad yousaf
Wednesday, 11.27.2019 @ 01:55am
Received a call from 817-789-6042 by a man who identified himself as Jared Anderson. Called me in regards to a complaint somebody made and that some women by the name of Debbie was going to serve me. Jared Anderson never got to the point of what the complaint was and by whom it was filed just kept bullying me by yelling, jabbering, threatening to come to my house and take me away. This man was yelling obscenities at me and then hangs up on me.

I believe these people are scam artists who are fishing for weak people they can intimidate to steal money from them by tricking you into thinking you owe them money from some bill 15 years ago. They buy your information on the dark web from hackers who steal information from credit agencies and other entities who've had security breaches. In the end they tell you the to pay them if you don't want them to come to your house and arrest you or show up at your job.
Posted by Rhona
Tuesday, 11.26.2019 @ 20:13pm
The caller wanted to play with my poodle. Then offered a back-rub for my grandmother. Sicko!
Posted by Dave
Tuesday, 11.26.2019 @ 17:08pm
Called from this number this morning at 8:06am - missed the call.

Also called from two numbers yesterday evening which begin 0024397.

Suspect some sort of scam call.
Posted by Ozzie
Monday, 11.25.2019 @ 07:03am
same as above. called at 1:41pm. I let it ring through and they did not leave a message. Call location shows Dallas, TX.
so I *67 (to hide my caller ID) and called them back. They answered Thank you for calling our reservation office. A representative will be with you momentarily (or close), follwed by elevator music (same music as main hilton hold music). A rep answered "hilton reservations". The thing is, I was actually speaking with Hilton reservations while the incoming call showed up on the caller ID.

I told her I was sorted out directly with Hilton's 800 number and she said thank you. 'If you would please hang on after the call, we have an offer of $200 blah blah blah and bonus hilton reward points.' I said no thank you and we exchanged "have a nice day"s.

Not sure if this is a common number (like a VOIP) that calls are routed through or what. But regardless, I provided no info. But it seemed very coincidental to say they were Hilton when I was dealing with Hilton. Still not giving them my info. :)
Posted by me
Sunday, 11.24.2019 @ 14:07pm
keeps calling and does not leave a message. i will not answer my home phone due to harrassing calls,now they are ringing my mobile. due to these issues I no longer answer my phones
Posted by Denise simmonds
Friday, 11.22.2019 @ 23:49pm
Company name: Service Monkey.
Totally ignored TPS to call and trick you into paying out 199 pounds for tv insurance. Say that they've sent letters by recorded delivery but these letters never turn up. Failed to provide name of person who signed. Passed to bank to investigate. Shocking poor reviews on Trustpilot.

Posted by Si J
Friday, 11.22.2019 @ 15:28pm
A total scam! "If we don't hear from you then our solicitors will be forced to initiate legal proceedings against you! Have a Blessed Day."
Friday, 11.22.2019 @ 15:10pm
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