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Got a text on 12-18-18 at 6:09pm from 972-878-7272 that simply said, "Hey." I didn't respond. I have items listed on Craigslist, so maybe that's where s/he got my number.
Posted by Sara
Tuesday, 12.18.2018 @ 22:13pm
Posted by swe
Tuesday, 12.18.2018 @ 05:45am
Left message about pending social security action, requests callback before case goes before federal magistrate. Whatever. Government doesn't make threats by telephone. Reported number to the FBI. Good luck scammer, feds will be at your house shortly.
Posted by Screw You
Tuesday, 12.18.2018 @ 00:42am
Called and I disconnected without answering. He called back and said he was calling about the house I had for sale and gave me my street name. Scam caller. My house is not for sale. Have been permanently on the no call list with my cell and landline for several years
Posted by Peaches
Monday, 12.17.2018 @ 19:05pm
its employment agency
Posted by muzi126
Monday, 12.17.2018 @ 11:16am
Called and left recording that I will be taken into custody by the local cops for 4 serious allegations against my name......
Posted by Chris
Monday, 12.17.2018 @ 10:49am
This number called several times when phone answered they hung up next time wont answer it. If it is a genuine caller they will answer.
Posted by tracy
Monday, 12.17.2018 @ 09:34am
This number is HMRC with a final warning for criminal prosecution. Completely ignored it.
Posted by Anna
Monday, 12.17.2018 @ 05:31am
Who's calling?
Posted by Francis
Monday, 12.17.2018 @ 03:35am
We’ve been receiving calls from this number regularly. There are no comments from the caller.
Posted by Karen
Sunday, 12.16.2018 @ 19:47pm
called again left no message
Posted by Tony
Saturday, 12.15.2018 @ 15:15pm

Called me twice on my landline in 5 mins. Phone when't down when I answered?
Posted by Roy
Saturday, 12.15.2018 @ 13:20pm
I have received messages most of time from +9116299421 and send me a link http://bit.ly/2SC9aTe one time i tried to check but my system alert me do not try to open this link because there is something wrong and do not try in the next.
Posted by Arshad Gharui
Saturday, 12.15.2018 @ 02:11am
Computerized call voice left a msg indicating a social security threat had been committed and threatened having to go to court for a federal crime and/or being arrested if no one called the number back.
Posted by Georgia
Friday, 12.14.2018 @ 21:31pm
Student loan debt. State that they are calling for some type of relief. Scam?
Posted by Social services
Friday, 12.14.2018 @ 11:09am
Call went to answering machine- no message
Posted by Greek
Friday, 12.14.2018 @ 09:33am
Screwfix at Benton
Posted by Jonathan
Thursday, 12.13.2018 @ 09:11am
Got call said to call 616-920-1163. I did not call back. Sounds like a scam.
Posted by DG
Wednesday, 12.12.2018 @ 13:46pm
616-920-1163 is the callback number for a spoofing robocaller in Ada or RapidCity MI. It's the Icloud account lockout scam.
Posted by Jim-o
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 20:19pm
calls and leaves partial (garbled and cut-off) message about a "case file and important to call back" to this number. My caller ID lists this as originating in Houston, TX.
Posted by Dotty
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 16:14pm
Harsh recording stating "the cops" are coming for me for legal action if I don't return their call. Seriously?? Do they really think I'm that stupid?
Posted by Annoyed
Tuesday, 12.11.2018 @ 10:05am
Called and asked for me personally seems they already called last week and someone gave my name to them to talk about wide area networks, they then went on to ask if I knew another person. Just marketing, blocked number!
Posted by MRG
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 04:39am
The number is specialist motor finance
Posted by Vincent
Monday, 12.10.2018 @ 02:44am
they said they are from the social security office admon. Regarding a frud.
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 18:19pm
Recorded message all in Chinese. Not the first I have received. I don't speak Chinese.
Posted by Dan
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 17:11pm
I answered and there was no response. I blocked the number.
Posted by SV
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 16:00pm
0148 229 3945

4 Dec 18:50
6 Dec 17:57
7 Dec 18:35
This number looked up 113 times on


01482 293 940 looked up 276 times
" 941 looked up 121 times
" 942 looked up 335 times
" 943 looked up 44 times
" 944 looked up 32 times
" 945 looked up 113 times
Posted by Tired-of-it
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 14:18pm
0148 229 3945

4 Dec 18:50
6 Dec 17:57
7 Dec 18:35
This number looked up 113 times on


01482 293 940 looked up 276 times
" 941 looked up 121 times
" 942 looked up 335 times
" 943 looked up 44 times
" 944 looked up 32 times
" 945 looked up 113 times
Posted by Tired-of-it
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 14:15pm
0148 229 3945

4 Dec 18:50
6 Dec 17:57
7 Dec 18:35
This number looked up 113 times on


01482 293 940 looked up 276 times
" 941 looked up 121 times
" 942 looked up 335 times
" 943 looked up 44 times
" 944 looked up 32 times
" 945 looked up 113 times
Posted by Tired-of-it
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 14:11pm
4 Dec 18:50
6 Dec 17:57
7 Dec 18:35
This number looked up 113 times

01482 293 940 looked up 276 times
" 941 looked up 121 times
" 942 looked up 335 times
" 943 looked up 44 times
" 944 looked up 32 times
Posted by Tired-of-it
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 14:03pm
One of many that uses my area code (xxx) then a 244-xxxx that calls about same time every day and never leaves a message so most likely a spoofed number or robo-dialer either way spam/scam BS because if you cannot ever leave a message then there is human or tech to recognize voicemail, thus you are hiding something. Then when realized blocked after doing 5-10 rapid dialing calls for a few days in row they use a new bogus local number.
Posted by Lee
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 13:02pm
call says from federal agency
did not answer
did not return call
Posted by unknown
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 09:44am
Automated voice (American Accent) said it was HMRC and my account was being investigated for tax fraud and that if i didn't press 1 immediately to connect with an advisor a warrant would be issued. Frightening at first, but obviously a scam as HMRC would never tip you off about a fraud investigation or demand that you had to talk to them there and then on a first contact (not sure if they would ever use automated voices either)

Clearly a scam number
Posted by Andy
Friday, 12.7.2018 @ 03:50am
Same with me. They have called me every 1/2 hour saying they are going to suspend my social security number.
Posted by Kelly
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 13:54pm
They are trying to scam you for washing machine insurance renewal - avoid!!
Posted by jb
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 12:12pm
Calls without leaving a message.
Posted by LC
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 11:47am
what is your name?your village and counti?
Thursday, 12.6.2018 @ 11:34am
Abkit Inc. - Voice says the caller ID. A true dirtball piece of garbage.
Posted by robbie
Wednesday, 12.5.2018 @ 18:16pm
Got an email from people demanding payment and giving this number. Nope nope and nope.
Posted by Milo
Wednesday, 12.5.2018 @ 14:04pm
Have rung twice this wk no one speaks and doesn't leave any message just hangs up
Posted by Lyn
Tuesday, 12.4.2018 @ 10:08am
REcorded message with American accent, 'This is the internet service provider and your line will be disconnected if...' I had hung up by this point.
Posted by William
Tuesday, 12.4.2018 @ 09:00am
Posted by JO
Monday, 12.3.2018 @ 17:44pm
They call my landline then when I answer they hang up
Posted by David
Monday, 12.3.2018 @ 08:40am
They called but I couldn't answer at the time of the call, no voicemail left... called the number back and it was just ringing and ringing with no answer.
Posted by Mary
Friday, 11.30.2018 @ 08:30am
Called asking to speak to MD by name said he was calling about business development. When I rang it back, I got a recorded male voice saying "Thank you for calling the BT Test Line. Goodbye". Yea, not dodgy at all.
Posted by CJ
Friday, 11.30.2018 @ 04:37am
I believe this is a collection agency. Called looking for an old employee. I told them if this is a collection call to not call our company, when I requested they stop calling "Martin" refused would not give me his phone number because he didn't have authority and would not connect me to his supervisor. When I pressed the point "Martin" disconnected the call.
Posted by David
Wednesday, 11.28.2018 @ 15:52pm
Credit Corp. attempt to collect my ass.
Posted by No Name
Wednesday, 11.28.2018 @ 12:55pm
Trying to call you back but it won't connect
Posted by Cheryl
Wednesday, 11.28.2018 @ 09:14am
Came across the number 898-713-8736 while browsing online for parrot food and toys. Came across this website. https://www.petstation.store

Prices were too good to be true. Other red flags were; PO Box for address, could not find any info about business other than their webpage, no record showing with Better Business Bureau.

Contact info from their website.

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Posted by Hrather
Monday, 11.26.2018 @ 15:49pm
Still calling
Posted by ANON
Monday, 11.26.2018 @ 08:30am
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