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These clowns are still trying to con vulnerable people out of their savings.

Unfortunately they seem to have blocked my numbers, as I have taken to harassing them. The more time we block their number, the less opportunity they have in scamming some innocent person.

These scum need to be arrested for fraud.

Anyone reading this, please call the above number as often as you can till you are blocked.

Time to fight back against these con scum. (They are not artists, just scum)
Posted by Robert Banks
Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 09:21am
same as others . instant hangup if you answer. strange game being played. needs to be blocked and reported to agencies and Qwest.
Posted by Gordon
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 19:32pm
I think it said something about a cruise or something then hung up. It looks to be an Ohio number. Possibly an automated call.
Posted by Jessica R.
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 16:34pm
Clarity Reach & Wash
63-67 St Peter's Street Nottingham NG7 3EN
0115 704 3619
Posted by adam
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 11:25am
'Angela' from 'Exclusive Property Services' rang to chat about my solar panels...lovely, nice of her but I don't have solar panels...I have a little whistle by the phone for the next scam artist that rings...
Posted by Dee
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 08:02am
HMRC scam call
Posted by Jon
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 04:11am
Received a text from a guy who said his name was Alex. Wanted to know if I still had jewelry for sale then said he only buys gold. I told him to meet me at the Sachse police station today and he agreed. We'll see if he shows up.
Posted by Gemma
Sunday, 09.15.2019 @ 13:59pm
Hung up when answered
Posted by Mand
Saturday, 09.14.2019 @ 06:14am
This call is a recording stating there is fraudulent activity with my SSN and that my criminal attorney or myself needs to call them back before I go to jail. Calling local police to report this call.
Posted by Unwilling
Friday, 09.13.2019 @ 15:04pm
Left voicemail:
Hi investigation department we need to talk to you as soon as possible again this call is from Social Security administration number to reach department is 808-913-0493 I repeat it 808-913-0493 thank you.

Recorded message
Posted by Lisa
Friday, 09.13.2019 @ 11:49am
RUDE! call our lane line they to do staff verification but dint provide detail info, the person so rude and attend to speak to our top management and even treating us with rude tone!
Posted by mila
Friday, 09.13.2019 @ 02:49am
This number keeps calling and leaves a message that my social security number has been associated in criminal activity and I should call immediately. Frank. Scam do not call
Posted by Rhonda
Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 18:11pm
said my SSN wa sbad- needed to call and get it changed -
Posted by jim fink
Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 16:15pm
Man claiming to be Officer of the Law with the Consumer Protection Agency of New York in Manhatten called from this number. He says he's doing a legal investigation and needs to speak to the person who has Power of Attorney for my elderly mother. Doing a reverse number search shows this is a number for a woman in Brooklyn but is not a landline phone line, it's a VoIP line like for Skype and Google and the real owner of the number is Omnipoint.
Posted by jeanne
Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 14:13pm
same thing happend to me,
After i answered they hung up
Posted by jolly
Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 11:12am
Unsolicited call in violation of Federal Do Not Call Registry selling Medicare Supplement bullshit.
Asking if he is correct that I am turning 65 within the next 6 months. I Assume this is a scam artist. When I called the number back a lady answered inquiring who she was talking to rather than identifying the name of the company. Have I mentioned I assume this is a scam artist, yet?
Reported to Federal Trade commission: https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx
Suggest everyone else bothered by this scam artist who is quite well aware calling you is in violation of Do Not Call Law do the same.
Posted by CATMeT
Wednesday, 09.11.2019 @ 17:24pm
Called my cell phone. I didn't answer. Didn't leave a message, so I assume it was a robocall or some other nuisance call.
Posted by Bob Weir
Wednesday, 09.11.2019 @ 12:39pm
Do not answer this call. They are recording and trying to get some kind of information. A lady name Ashley asking for someone I have no idea who it is. He became rude and loud when I told her she had the wrong number hear it I told her she calls back I will call the authorities she's called me 3 times in the last 3 hours
Posted by Josh Johnson
Wednesday, 09.11.2019 @ 08:45am
This a scammer in the name of either Josh Williams he is romance scammer who wants your money. he is nothing but bad news.
Posted by Michelle
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 14:12pm
had a think accent heard a lot of talking in the background... to which I knew it was some sort of scam...I hung up
Posted by reed
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 09:17am
Said they were from a company working on behalf of my energy supplier, wanting an Electricity meter reading, SUspicious as we have a double Gas / Electric account, mentioned that this was usually asked for by E-mail and received a story about being a service used when the meter readers were not in the area. Then they wanted to check my address. Stopped the call at that point.
Posted by Jez
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 09:10am
called half dozen times no message left.
Posted by rob
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 09:05am
pretending to be from Birmingham city council , very rude and persistent , if i didn't have the number flash up on my phone and if it wasn't for his battering of questions i would have believed him , avoid , he also gave me another ( 03300529999) number and when i called it they answered "Birmingham city council ". i dont know what they wanted as i didnt give them any details and thats all it seemed they were after
Posted by cc
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 07:35am
I have no idea who this is either. If it is from government or legal service, do they call from mobile numbers?
Posted by Anan
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 04:01am
Said they are going to debit my account for $349.99 for my computer maintenance. Do not have a contract with anyone for computer maintenance.
Posted by Ed Rad
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 19:43pm
The call is from Evergreenservicing, a payday and installment lender.
Posted by Robert
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 15:52pm
Caller claimed to be the police
Posted by Anon
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 12:17pm
They called me about a road traffic accident that happened nearly two years ago. They already knew something about it and sounded convincing. Innow regret giving them my name and address, but thankfully nothing more.
Posted by William
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 11:47am
Northern Gas & Power: We get calls from this number on average once per week and we're absolutely fed up of them! We have asked to be taken off their call list but they still phone regularly. Cold calls are bad enough but this is harrassment!
Posted by MM
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 06:48am
This person's phone is a criminal. Need to locate where they are.
Posted by Robert
Sunday, 09.8.2019 @ 17:09pm
Called at 1am

I can't tell you if they are a repeat caller, as I have been turning that phone off over night. But have a relative in the hospital and needed to leave it turned on. Basically, I left the phone on one time and that is the night I got a call?
Posted by Pennsylvania, USA
Sunday, 09.8.2019 @ 08:20am
It's an appointing lady in a medical practice calling to arrange appointments. Nothing wrong with it and it's a genuine number.
Posted by Jeremy K
Sunday, 09.8.2019 @ 04:56am
"Before we start legal proceedings, please call 312.3783.0439"

This is Bull sheet call ...

DO NOT play their game

Posted by ben dover
Friday, 09.6.2019 @ 20:29pm
I received a call from this number and they claimed to be from the Social Security Administration claiming that my social security benefits will be discontinued if I do not return a call to this number 410 834 0558. I did not call the number back because I know this is a scam. They have contacted me twice. Once on 09/05/2019 and again on 09/06/2019.
Posted by BJM
Friday, 09.6.2019 @ 11:01am
I was charged £22 by NOW TV for a call to this no. which I never made
Posted by Roger
Friday, 09.6.2019 @ 03:07am
Called left no msg
Posted by Stephen
Thursday, 09.5.2019 @ 20:03pm
scammer call: automated voice telling me that my internet connection would be terminated in 2 hours time, unless I pressed option 1 or 2 button to speak with department that can resolve the problem.
Posted by nurse ratchet
Thursday, 09.5.2019 @ 10:17am
asked to speak to Louisa. then apologised.
Posted by Mick
Thursday, 09.5.2019 @ 05:24am
scammers use name global capital holdings
Posted by Ringo
Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 21:42pm
Have a look at this link
Posted by Kev the Rev
Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 19:06pm
Every day at about 16 20 this number calls me and puts the phone down If I could get hold of them I'd beat them with my walking stick
Posted by T S
Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 11:28am
Police Community Club, looking for donations.
Posted by ALAN
Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 10:11am
Computerised voice asking for personal details, then saying if I did not call back I would be arrested! LOL :)
Posted by Freeman
Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 08:01am
He's scammer, be careful
Posted by Cindy
Tuesday, 09.3.2019 @ 18:34pm
Claims to be from Globe offering upgraded internet service.
Posted by Steve
Monday, 09.2.2019 @ 23:03pm
rang briefly and hung up; tempting a call-back
Posted by Andy
Monday, 09.2.2019 @ 04:44am
called said I had to call 877-325-0882 for a property complaint to a house I lived in eleven years ago. Did a credit report look and noticed some group called CBE Group got my info. Then looked at court records and there is nothing there. Clearly a scam, since I have great credit.
Posted by sam
Friday, 08.30.2019 @ 23:49pm
Called back to a message saying " John Welsh"
Posted by Mike
Thursday, 08.29.2019 @ 10:38am
Scammers - looking for sponsorship for a non-existent school crime reduction campaign. This one's been doing the rounds for years.
Posted by Tim
Thursday, 08.29.2019 @ 05:09am
I got a phone call from this number, claimed that they were calling from CARE, about a possible job application to the blackpool pleasure beach, asked for me to call back. last time I checked the pleasure beach is in blackpool, not Wolverhampton, which is where the dialling code is from.
Posted by Helen
Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 11:20am
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