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He tried to get last 4 digits of social.
Posted by Estee11
Tuesday, 04.7.2020 @ 12:19pm
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Posted by Obedient Christian
Monday, 04.6.2020 @ 14:29pm
Usual sh1t. Spammer who hangs up. Block and delete.
Posted by Irritated man
Monday, 04.6.2020 @ 11:54am
sent an SMS purporting to be my bank stating a new payee had been created on my account and gave a link to report error/ false. nearly selected the link but saw it was not a bank website, probably wanted me to input my password
Posted by Tahir
Friday, 04.3.2020 @ 05:29am
This is a genuine NHS number and could be crucial for those who are vulnerable under the current circumstances. Checked the number with NHS England and department of health and social care. Check if you want, but don't just ignore
Posted by Baz
Thursday, 04.2.2020 @ 10:40am
Was a phishing scam, pretended they were from PayPal trying to stop fraudulent activity and wanted £400 from me
Posted by Mia
Wednesday, 04.1.2020 @ 18:10pm
Called at 12:30PM on the dot but left no voicemail. Possible robocall making automated calls at specific times.
Posted by TowsonUniversityLies&Discriminates
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 17:58pm
No-one spoke, assumed a telemarketer and blocked number.
Posted by Me
Tuesday, 03.31.2020 @ 05:42am
The person is a drunk woman. She calls herself Vanessa
Posted by John
Sunday, 03.29.2020 @ 03:49am
Posted by k
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 21:53pm
Scottie the scammer. Said he wants to buy my house and keeps texting me.
Posted by Angel
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 14:17pm
called, left no voice mail
Posted by anonymous
Thursday, 03.26.2020 @ 08:11am
keep calling at least twice a day. can't understand the foreign accent
Posted by Paul
Wednesday, 03.25.2020 @ 11:12am
This number called ma at 10 pm and again at 12 am. woke me up both times . how do I get them to stop calling me?
Posted by smoke
Tuesday, 03.24.2020 @ 13:47pm
Call back again
Posted by Muzdalifah
Sunday, 03.22.2020 @ 04:53am
Gold digger called ask for help ITunes gift card No Thank hang up
Posted by Nguyen
Sunday, 03.22.2020 @ 00:52am
Scams text messages in my WhatsApp
I don't understand how But this number pop up +447395860734
Unsafe Block
Posted by Julie
Sunday, 03.22.2020 @ 00:47am
itS Heliot Steak House in London
Posted by Markus Lueckemann
Saturday, 03.21.2020 @ 08:33am
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Posted by Kaylee De Gillern
Friday, 03.20.2020 @ 15:09pm
dont recornise number keep calling leaving no message.
Posted by joa
Wednesday, 03.18.2020 @ 08:28am
This number is currently (3/17/20)trying to buy furniture from me off craigslist in Denver!He is sending me a check in the mail and says that he is willing to wait for it to clear. Im scared!
Posted by Paul
Tuesday, 03.17.2020 @ 18:48pm
Did not answer; left mesg that $299 was chgd to my acct and could call them to cancl. Have had this mesg several times from diff number.
Posted by Bill
Tuesday, 03.17.2020 @ 12:55pm
Said they wanted to talk about our energy account, and knew the name of our supplier.
I ended the call, but they phoned back 5 mins later. I didn't answer.
Posted by Chris
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 11:06am
Called several times but didn't leave name/message. Rang off when I called them back.
Posted by Jojo
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 07:22am
New Collegiate medical centre, (doctors)
Posted by Daz
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 06:19am
Called twice on a Friday night after 8PM. I don't answer unknown numbers. It went to voicemail. Told me to continue receiving my government benefits to press 1; etc.
Posted by Iggy
Saturday, 03.14.2020 @ 04:02am
I get calls from this number constantly, and I too have blocked this number!!! I don't know why they are still able to call.
Posted by Mom
Friday, 03.13.2020 @ 12:43pm
Credit card fraud
Posted by Scam
Friday, 03.13.2020 @ 07:52am
A man identifying as Rodger (can't remember last name) said he was from Allied Interstate and claimed I was down as a contact for my son, and asked for his contact info. I didn't give it to him, and he got ruffled. But he wouldn't give his contact info so I could have my son call him. Yes, I know this number was what showed on the phone. So, I left if with my son for him to call it if he wanted to.
Posted by Mark G.
Thursday, 03.12.2020 @ 14:02pm
Received robo-call from this number advising I would be billed $399. By a V-tech solutions for a subscription and to call another number to cancel within 48 hrs. From Paul Johnson customer relationship director.
Posted by Susan
Thursday, 03.12.2020 @ 11:26am
If answered, just hangs up, if not then no message left. Phoned back - message saying that Sales office is very busy right now please leave message after tone - no tone but further message saying that the mailbox cannot accept any messages. now BLOCKED
Posted by HL
Wednesday, 03.11.2020 @ 09:59am
Claim that someone put $529.00 on my Amazon account. Asked for authorization. SCAM. SCAM.
Posted by Judi
Tuesday, 03.10.2020 @ 13:08pm
A scam number
Posted by wiliam
Tuesday, 03.10.2020 @ 11:55am
Had 11 calls in one day, no message left.
Posted by Len Francis
Tuesday, 03.10.2020 @ 09:43am
This number take 3 taka per sms
Posted by Sohel
Tuesday, 03.10.2020 @ 05:45am
This number called twice in a row, neither time no message left.
Posted by Ironhorse
Sunday, 03.8.2020 @ 23:02pm
Missed call. No message. No idea who could be calling from Hong Kong.
Posted by AP
Friday, 03.6.2020 @ 10:16am
Usual scam - trying to sell warranty insurance on a washing machine.
Posted by John
Friday, 03.6.2020 @ 07:53am
annoying recruiter
Posted by jack
Friday, 03.6.2020 @ 06:50am
Every day this number calls but why what for ? It s a bit sad .Don't you know !
Posted by Ross
Friday, 03.6.2020 @ 06:36am
keeps phoning permenantly , unknown caller, all I do is pick up phone and put it down to waste there time speaking to no one, keeps calling with my name, I WISH THE GOVERNMENT WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE COLD CALLERS. THEY ARE 100% ANNOYING,
Posted by VT
Friday, 03.6.2020 @ 06:26am
I have had about 10 calls from this number all automated, they say my name, and they are the Halifax. they tell me my card is being used for transactions and they need to make a check. Having looked at my bank statements all my spendings are normal. Naturally one would suspect a scam. Hopefully the calls will stop as they are a utter nuisance.
Posted by Fred
Friday, 03.6.2020 @ 05:19am
I didn't answer, but I did call the number back. A lady knew who I was as soon as she picked up ( caller ID ) she said my name and email address. Then she stated I won a contest that I (or someone else) entered me into. That's all the details I got considering I hung up after the BS got to deep to step in
Posted by Mike W.
Wednesday, 03.4.2020 @ 17:54pm
Spam call.
Do not answer.
Posted by I Hopper
Wednesday, 03.4.2020 @ 08:16am
Altodigital Office Technology - Called about an engineer visit
Posted by Anon
Monday, 03.2.2020 @ 05:21am
This party called this morning and said they were shutting down their business. Caller I.D. said Bronx, N.Y. They never even said who they were! They said to press a certain # if you wanted your refund. Sounds kind of fishy! I didn't answer and "blocked" the call!
Posted by Cheryl
Friday, 02.28.2020 @ 12:07pm
Scam call fishing for information on household appliances I owned. My TV maintenance contract was going to end apparently and good news, renewal would be cheaper.
"What make is your TV" the Indian accent asked.
When I told him I don't own a TV he then called me by name and insisted I did.
Then asked about washing machine.
A which point I said goodbye in the old fashioned British way.
Do not give any details especially financial to this scam.
Posted by Ashok
Thursday, 02.27.2020 @ 12:08pm
Called twice in the space of 10 mins but left no msg. I suspect it is vodafone calling with offers
Posted by Rehana
Thursday, 02.27.2020 @ 10:45am
Posted by Lynn Bishop
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 14:56pm
they called me twice this morning, after the first call i looked it up on the computer, it was then that i decided it was a Robo call - so i blocked them thank you for having these listings
Posted by ellen
Monday, 02.24.2020 @ 10:00am
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