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utomatated google listing. calls our office 4 + times a day.
annoyingggggggg. will not stop.
Posted by LL
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 10:11am
Southampton General Hospital.
Posted by Phil
Tuesday, 07.16.2019 @ 05:48am
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Posted by Obedient Christian
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 19:54pm
Legit call regarding Merrick Bank card (formerly Nationwide).
Posted by Cindy
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 15:20pm
The number is a scammer. They said I had a problem with my internet on the answer phone. So I then contacted my Internet Provider and they said it wasn't them contacting me. So the number 441616268777 or 01616268777, is a scammer. Beware.
Posted by non
Monday, 07.15.2019 @ 09:30am
Recently received scam real estate text from female. She was fishing for personal info. Beware!
Posted by G
Saturday, 07.13.2019 @ 10:33am
they claim to be the social security office..had a few minutes so called back and kept talking saying I was keeping her on the line until the trace was completed...simple life pleasure
Posted by Patricia
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 15:35pm
Medicae supplment sales. I am not on Medicare and not eligible. Spam!!!!
Posted by Joesph
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 12:11pm
I've been getting calls once a day from this number or from 321-204-9367. When I called back from a general business number at work, I found out the call is from Creedence Resource Center - whatever that is.
Posted by RMaze
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 11:26am
Cold call from supposedly "UK Claims Department" re a car accident in the past two years. Typical foreign accent as thick as you could get. Definitely a scam to avoid.
Posted by John G. Smith
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 09:53am
Had a mysterious call from these people,
They said I had a fatal accident and could
claim money? Definitely not legitimate stuff.
Posted by Bob Grant
Friday, 07.12.2019 @ 06:35am
Posted by Louis-Anne Smith
Thursday, 07.11.2019 @ 05:37am
No message no name match unknown robocall number with ID 'Opinion'. Repeat scammer uses different numbers, IDs or 'Anonymous' to get response. Serial hacker at work.
Posted by ldm
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 21:12pm
This number called me twice. I didn't answer as I don't know this number. Probably a cold call or a scam so I won't respond. No message left so obviously not important.
Posted by perplexed
Wednesday, 07.10.2019 @ 06:30am
His name is Brady Parker. He lives in Texas and works in Oklahoma. He's married and on numerous dating apps looking for "hookups".
Posted by D
Tuesday, 07.9.2019 @ 14:26pm
keep calling saying they are from arrears department wanting money,had trouble with something like this twice before last time I was threatened with bailiffs if I did not pay up ,so I paid up but told them I did not want their services again but they wont listen still keep calling
Posted by k lightfoot
Tuesday, 07.9.2019 @ 07:26am
Two calls 8 July 2019 and another on 9 July. My call blocker worked on not permitting the calls to progress. Has characteristics of a SCAMMER!!
Posted by Reg
Tuesday, 07.9.2019 @ 05:46am
text message wanted to send offer to buy house.
Posted by john
Tuesday, 07.9.2019 @ 02:50am
The number is for Mississippi Music Inc. They sell instruments for school band. If you are financing or renting an instrument through them you should probably answer the phone.
Posted by Billy
Monday, 07.8.2019 @ 11:18am
This number seems to originate in or around Barcelona, Spain. I blocked the number from my phone, but for some reason the caller is still able to leave me voicemails, BUT DOES NOT LEAVE ANY voicemail - I only get an SMS about a "new message" in my voicemail. However, the "new message" is a short recording of a call center background noise. Pisses me off.

If anyone finds out what company this is or their website address, please post it here - I would like to know it also!
Posted by ilkka
Monday, 07.8.2019 @ 06:37am
I have been charged £41.78 and £35.12. I did NOT call this number.
Posted by M. Peters
Monday, 07.8.2019 @ 05:52am
Scammer from Nigeria, don't answer
Posted by Rose
Sunday, 07.7.2019 @ 22:36pm
This is a message from Global Academy Jobs Ltd, a specialist academic jobs board in Oxford, UK. The number 01865 920720 is owned by us. Unfortunately, our company has been a victim of a so called "number spoofing" scam. Fraudsters are impersonating us by cloning the telephone number of our trusted organisation and then make it appear on the victim's caller ID display when they telephone them on a landline. We are very sorry to hear that people are being annoyed by calls and then think they are coming from our team. I can promise you that we are not making these calls, particularly on a Sunday morning. There seems to be little we can do to solve this problem - but we are working on it. Wendy Stone CEO, Global Academy Jobs Ltd.
Posted by Scam fighter
Sunday, 07.7.2019 @ 05:20am
Didn't answer
Posted by Jp
Friday, 07.5.2019 @ 06:53am
Started July 3rd, recieved 7 calls from same # left msg saying going to suspend my SS#
Posted by Maureen
Thursday, 07.4.2019 @ 16:30pm
Ring over and over again throughout the day. Usually, when I answer, the line goes dead. Sometimes a voice says 'This is BT, how are you today?" before the line goes dead.
Posted by Jonathan
Thursday, 07.4.2019 @ 15:22pm
De Montford uni - Automated about their open day
Posted by Jas
Thursday, 07.4.2019 @ 09:35am
GTA3 MSXFM(radio station) this is the uk phone number of the DJ lol
Posted by Tom
Thursday, 07.4.2019 @ 09:30am
I got called but was a way from the phone :) lucky me looks spamy surveys calls
Posted by crypto
Thursday, 07.4.2019 @ 07:38am
This number has also been BLACKLISTED by me.
Posted by Ms K
Wednesday, 07.3.2019 @ 20:01pm
Person phoned yesterday @ 14:24 on both my cellphone and landline. Asked to speak to me. I replied "speaking". Whereafter the person cut the call, with no further explanation. This person is now BLOCKED.
Posted by Ms K
Wednesday, 07.3.2019 @ 19:53pm
Rang tried to ring back will not allow scam probably no message left
Posted by Barry
Wednesday, 07.3.2019 @ 06:46am
Texted me at 11pm at night telling me to call him in the morning. When I asked who it was he said Alex the jewelry guy and said he thought I was looking for a job and I was in his contacts. I have no clue who he is or how he got my name and number. Sends a picture of fake business card.
Posted by Anon
Wednesday, 07.3.2019 @ 00:15am
Federal student loan scam.
Posted by Eric
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 17:21pm
First call I've gotten from this number but caller Id says potential spam. Thought I would look and see. It says Cedar Rapids also. Going to block it
Posted by Mike
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 15:42pm
Just received a call but no one spoke from other side. I called back the number but recording says its an invalid number.
Posted by Harris
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 10:09am
Call from De Montfort University following an internet enquiry.
Posted by Megha
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 09:05am
Called me twice didn't answer
Posted by Danni
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 07:42am
its Ford service/mot booking south east/London call centre
Posted by John
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 05:06am
Scammer from India just block this number
Posted by Anon3
Tuesday, 07.2.2019 @ 02:39am
Posted by George Chalcraft
Monday, 07.1.2019 @ 14:07pm
could not understand some of it and missed the beginning. As follows:
??? "retained solicitor of record to call us back. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. This is officer Denise (?) Gray (?) from HMRevenue and Customs. The hotline to my division is 01252 755 217, I repeat, it is 01252 755 217.
Do not disregard this message and call us back. If you do not call back or we do not hear from your solicitor either, then get ready to face the legal consequences. Good bye and take care."
Posted by Amanda
Monday, 07.1.2019 @ 13:08pm
Phoned and when I picked it up line was dead. Phoned the number bag had a strange ring tone with no answer.
Posted by Steve HALL
Monday, 07.1.2019 @ 11:57am
Stated they are from Eon and contract is up for renewal.
Posted by H A
Monday, 07.1.2019 @ 11:09am
Timothy from Royal Builders Calls on Sunday. Obviously a robo telemarketer.
Posted by KAREN
Sunday, 06.30.2019 @ 14:44pm
I didn't answer the phone
Posted by HQ
Sunday, 06.30.2019 @ 13:14pm
Called 2 x. Left no message. I pay a cell bill to put up with this?
Posted by Vic
Saturday, 06.29.2019 @ 19:08pm
yep, this number calls me some times 2 and 3 times aday, i always let it go to (a machine) but they never lev message.

the fcc should have this number since as of the other day congress made it illegal for robo calls.
Posted by B2Cool
Saturday, 06.29.2019 @ 15:04pm
They have called me 5 times and have never left a message. I just keep ignoring them because my phone doesn't have a block option.
Posted by DS
Friday, 06.28.2019 @ 15:40pm
This number is supposed to be customer service for the website PetStation.store. I'm pretty sure tho'....their website is a phishing scam to get people's credit card info. Unfortunately, I ordered from them, before realizing it's probably a bogus site. Plus, there's no area code 898. At least in the US.
I called my credit card customer service to cancel the 10-day old transaction when I could not reach PetStation.store by phone or email. My credit card company suggested cancelling my card & issuing me a new one, despite no charge showing up yet from PetStation. Just to be on the safe side. It was explained that they may not charge my credit card for a while. But then, they may begin to put bogus charges on the card in a couple of months or so? Bottom line, PetStation.store is likely a fraudulent website.
Posted by Lin
Friday, 06.28.2019 @ 15:07pm
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