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Lady addresses herself as Stephanie Williams looking for a person and keeps referencing a case number in Alameda County 316-641 and to call 866-319-5016.
Posted by George
Friday, 10.18.2019 @ 14:59pm
Somehow this caller showed up as "Telemarketer" on my iPhone. Don't know how that happened; it's not in my contact list and I've never seen this happen before for an unknown caller. Needless to say, I didn't answer - and they didn't leave a message. Am now blocking the number. Aloha!
Posted by Honolulu
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 15:34pm
Recording indicated that an "officer" was calling and that my Social Security Number has been "suspended" because of fraudulent activity. I am to call a second number, which I interpret as an attempt to get me to give them my Social Security Number. The Social Security Administration does not have my cellphone number, and I am not entirely clear as to how my SSN would be "suspended" anyway..
Posted by Ron
Thursday, 10.17.2019 @ 11:13am
Hey boxer called from here
Posted by Becca Boo
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 23:17pm
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Posted by Obedient
Wednesday, 10.16.2019 @ 18:14pm
Calls and doesn’t leave any messages.
Posted by Nik
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 23:06pm
Gotten 14 calls from this number so far this month and the month isn't over yet. What makes this matter worst is that they don't leave any messages. What a pain in the ass they are!!!! I wish they stop!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sam
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 22:45pm
Two calls this morning, went to message with a very fast voice only repeating this phone number. No message with identification of the caller or stated purpose. Numerous reports on several sites say this is a scam caller from New York, Bronx area.
Posted by Honolulu resident
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 19:53pm
I have had numerous calls from this number and they say they are from the energy bureau and want to send me some information. I told them I wasn't interested and they keep calling. I have now blocked the number.
Posted by Hannah
Tuesday, 10.15.2019 @ 10:42am
Must be a spam robo call
won't answer..............
Posted by Bill
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 16:26pm
This person says he is from Microsoft and is going to discontinue your service. By the end of the day they are going to charge your credit card for the service of using Microsoft of $400.00 if you wish to continue. He says he is from Redmond, Washington and it is a Microsoft Company and your license to use their product is about to expire by the end of the day. SCAM.
Posted by Dawn
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 11:23am
Called today at 11:03, had my title wrong, could hear voices in background. Telling me I have debt, which I don't, when I asked him to repeat where he was calling from he said 'Are you a fucking idiot', then when I didn't reply straight away 'Are you fucking deaf', continued to harass and call me names until I hung up. Do not answer, unless it's too late, in which case, give them both barrels.
Posted by Rabbit
Monday, 10.14.2019 @ 06:20am
telemarketing from India
Posted by Sarah
Sunday, 10.13.2019 @ 21:36pm
Calls, leaves no message. Spam
Posted by Susan
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 15:52pm
Scaremongering calls over the past 2 days (11th/12th October'19). For peace of mind I would like confirmation that it is bogus.
Posted by Charles
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 12:05pm
Allegedly from Sky and asked if I had any problems with my Sky box or TV. Said it was OK.
Then he led to Sky Protect and referred to my monthly payments of £10.39 which is a lot of money over 12 months but if I entered into a 2 year contract I would be making big savings of £?. Asked him to post the info. and I would consider it. He said these papers had been sent to me earlier but I had to act urgently to make these savings. Asked again to post info. He replied that unfortunately this is the last day of the offer so to make the savings I must now take action. I said SCAM and he hung up.
Posted by John
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 06:20am
Called saying my Amazon prime account requires renewing now - phishing.
Posted by Tim
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 04:53am
SCAMMER.... LADIES, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. This phone number is a landline not a cell phone. The supposed owner, Antonio Bonaventura, is not who he says he is, he is a SCAMMER. He will pretend to want a date with a woman but will start asking for money after 2 weeks. Claims he is wealthy but wants money for supposed daughters. Spare yourself the b.s. and move on. Claims he lives in RPV but clearly does not.
Posted by Anonymous
Saturday, 10.12.2019 @ 01:19am
Partial voicemail referring to "criminal offense." Urges me to call this number. Suspect this is a scam or fraud.
Posted by Frank
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 23:55pm
They said there has been fraudulent use of my ssa number. Scam
Posted by Sue
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 15:06pm
spam-make 9-10k per month. web site listed
Posted by jd
Friday, 10.11.2019 @ 08:40am
I have my iPhone with my same 0851640651 number in it
Posted by Simone
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 18:01pm
Posted by MR OLIVER
Tuesday, 10.8.2019 @ 16:20pm
Told me he was from the :@lilac following up on a customer enquiry.
Posted by L.eonard
Monday, 10.7.2019 @ 14:43pm
extra personnel warrington
Posted by extra personnel
Monday, 10.7.2019 @ 04:58am
robot call ..
septic tank services ..
entered 2 to be taken off list
Posted by wern
Sunday, 10.6.2019 @ 09:49am
Jokers just called and hung up. No message. Block / delete / have a nice useless life.
Posted by JP
Saturday, 10.5.2019 @ 17:24pm
They tried to convince me they were from Scottish Power
Posted by K Logan
Friday, 10.4.2019 @ 06:42am
This number sent me the code for activitating outlook- email, which has been locked, for some inappropriate use, not by me. Haven't used that email at all.
I DON'T TRUST THIS. I don't live in an english speaking country, but I live in Europe.
Hate these!!!!! Got previously something like this for g-mail. When Google sends an activatng code, there is no number of the sender, just "GOOGLE". In that message there was the number of "the sender". That number was not the same, but the beguinning was same: 04477.....

Posted by Luigi
Thursday, 10.3.2019 @ 13:30pm
Calling constantly. Never leaves message. Coming up as scam #.
Posted by ChuloPr
Thursday, 10.3.2019 @ 02:36am
A Text message from this number asking to purchase my house which is Not for sale and has not been on the market for over 20 years. Even knew my first name. Scary. Have blocked it on my phone.
Posted by Noname
Tuesday, 10.1.2019 @ 18:23pm
when i return the call to 615-603-3048, the a voice mail answers immediately and asks to leave a message if I am selling a home by owner. Seems like robocall scam since they seem to call around 9am, noon, and about 4-6 in the evening.
Posted by abs
Tuesday, 10.1.2019 @ 17:06pm
IMO, 615-603-3048 is a scam that contacts people selling their house. They've called me numerous times and refuse to quit calling.
Posted by abused_by_phonescam
Tuesday, 10.1.2019 @ 17:05pm
called around 10:45 a.m. Female mechanical voice said "serious mechanical error has occurred. Exiting" and 'click' . they hung up. No idea who or what it is, but we've had many calls from that number without them leaving a message.
Posted by annoyed
Tuesday, 10.1.2019 @ 12:41pm
Recorded message, part of it left on my voice mail, that my Social Security number had been used fraudulently and my number could be suspended, that I should call to clear the matter up. Number is from Norman, Oklahoma.
Posted by Laura
Tuesday, 10.1.2019 @ 12:33pm
Automated message...Spam Call...Asking you to Return Call ASAP...Saying you must call to avoid being arrested for a serious allegation before matter is taken to court and they freeze your bank account and suspend your ssn. I pray people are not falling for this bogus claim.
Posted by Tammy
Tuesday, 10.1.2019 @ 11:30am
Called twice to say "You've won a prize". I said stay on the line while we trace the call to report it to the FCC. He said he was certified by the FCC and some others, so I said "Send it.", and hung up. He called right back and tried again, and I hung up. No further contact so far.
Posted by Willy
Monday, 09.30.2019 @ 19:29pm
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Posted by EllBync
Monday, 09.30.2019 @ 18:08pm
Xplore mobile voicemail #
Posted by Nicole
Sunday, 09.29.2019 @ 14:34pm
Received same email as previously reported for this number.
Posted by Radar
Sunday, 09.29.2019 @ 14:15pm
Calls but doesn't leave message nor respond to a hello and hangs up
Posted by Ric
Friday, 09.27.2019 @ 11:03am
robo caller spam
Posted by Angela
Friday, 09.27.2019 @ 11:01am
Asked me if I am Paul then put the phone down.
Posted by Paul
Thursday, 09.26.2019 @ 07:55am
Number called and no message left no idea whi this is
Posted by Brandi
Wednesday, 09.25.2019 @ 14:43pm
Who answers unidentified telephone numbers? Not me. Smells like a stinky scam!!!
Posted by Joe
Tuesday, 09.24.2019 @ 14:47pm
Who answers telephone numbers that cannot be identified? Not me. Smells like a stinky scam!!!
Posted by Joe
Tuesday, 09.24.2019 @ 14:45pm
Missed call from this number 9/24. No message left
Posted by Dom
Tuesday, 09.24.2019 @ 14:16pm
Caller claimed to be from Tax Office - said there was a file against me. I asked for his name and telephone number. He said

" Alan Thomas - number 0203 3183098 "

I have already read that government Departments will never contact by phone, but by letter. So I hang up.
Posted by Derek
Tuesday, 09.24.2019 @ 11:55am
Same with me he sent me an email and details of his flight so i check it out the number and as i read it is a scam.
Posted by Empe
Monday, 09.23.2019 @ 13:40pm
Posted by Ch
Monday, 09.23.2019 @ 07:15am
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