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Monday, 10.18.2021 @ 14:48pm
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Posted by Ambassador For Christ
Saturday, 10.16.2021 @ 19:13pm
Received SMS saying “Hermes: Please reschedule your delivery at https://hermes.check-online-reschedule.com before your item is returned to sender.”
Posted by Teena
Saturday, 10.16.2021 @ 09:45am
Received a call from this telephone number. No message was left. Anonymous callback reached a LEC intercept saying that the number is not in service.
Posted by Paul C.
Friday, 10.15.2021 @ 16:46pm
NHS arranging appointment
Posted by k
Thursday, 10.14.2021 @ 09:20am
Anyone know who this number is? It's been calling me too
Posted by JRB
Wednesday, 10.13.2021 @ 16:41pm
Definitely spam. Agent cursed me out for asking that they not return to my home.
Posted by Lisa
Tuesday, 10.12.2021 @ 16:31pm
This company keep calling to tell me they can save lots of money by buying an expensive piece of equipment for my solar panels. I have asked on more than one occasion that they remove me from their database. It is now beginning feal like harassment.
Posted by Archie Bewley
Tuesday, 10.12.2021 @ 05:49am
Asked for me by name. I asked whom was calling, he replied Steven. Then we got cut off. So still no wider as to who was calling.
Posted by SUE
Monday, 10.11.2021 @ 10:51am
08706315429 (13p/min + phone company access charge)

ATLAS FOR MEN outdoor clothing order number
Posted by Kitchen
Monday, 10.11.2021 @ 07:36am
Txt message stating from Lowe's and saying "thank you" with $250 to you
Posted by Kat
Saturday, 10.9.2021 @ 21:22pm
Chris, selling spray foam loft insulation. Makes all sort of dodgy claims.
Posted by Sally
Saturday, 10.9.2021 @ 08:00am
Mobile O2 scam cool.
Posted by Alex
Friday, 10.8.2021 @ 08:54am
Rent to own scam. I called about a posting and they want all your information. Also your money to send them.
Posted by Richard J
Thursday, 10.7.2021 @ 20:43pm
I got a letter recently from Bank of America requesting me to call 855-364-2897 to provide additional information about my BofA trust account. To verify the request, I visited my local BofA branch. A branch representative confirmed that the request was legitimate. The representative also told me that I could have confirmed the request was valid by calling BofA customer service at 1-800-432-1000, or by using BofA live chat online.
Posted by MarkJ
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 15:26pm
Hung up as I answered, how annoying! Must be marvellous to have the time to inconvenience people.
Posted by Mike
Wednesday, 10.6.2021 @ 06:48am
Been receiving calls almost every weekday from this and similar telephone numbers. All of these numbers are being used by a company called "Pain Management Center". The name of the associate whose voice answers my anonymous call is "Crystal". The first sentence the bot utters contains the phrase "Can You Hear Me Ok?". Enough said right there.
Posted by Paul C.
Tuesday, 10.5.2021 @ 10:07am
10/4/2021 12:06 PM received two calls so far this morning from the same number. No message left. I see 111 searches for this number recently with no identification as to who the caller is, so my move it goes in the block caller spam list.
Posted by Bob
Monday, 10.4.2021 @ 12:08pm
Got a text from this number with the following message: "INTERAC: You received an e-Transfer. Reply "info" for more details."
Posted by Melvin
Saturday, 10.2.2021 @ 09:38am
Homewrecking little girl that needs to learn to not speak to married men.
Posted by Ppp
Friday, 10.1.2021 @ 14:09pm
Received threatening call from unknown "courier" stating they would show up my house and place of employment. Provided this phone number as a number to call back.
Posted by sam
Thursday, 09.30.2021 @ 15:10pm
Hotpoint engineer ! - all good, he wanted to ask if he could come round and fix my washing machine
Posted by Mike
Thursday, 09.30.2021 @ 06:21am
Silent call
Posted by Ron
Wednesday, 09.29.2021 @ 08:33am
Received a call from this telephone number. No message was left. Anonymous callback reached a poorly recorded prompt saying "Press '1' to be removed from our calling list".
Posted by Paul C.
Tuesday, 09.28.2021 @ 22:17pm
The text claims to be from Citizens bank for this number. Stated they had important information. Sounds like a scam to me.
Posted by Inez
Tuesday, 09.28.2021 @ 17:13pm
Call is verification you have a Samsung phone with certain software from Samsung.
Posted by J Smith
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 14:17pm
This is a scam call. Just missed the call, so I called back by clicking on the incoming number and received a message saying that I had dialled a wrong number.
Posted by Andrew
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 09:57am
Three calls so far today. Twice I just put the phone down. Third time told him (chris) to stop calling. Familiar intro of being a local adviser for the postcode.
Posted by Brian Nicholson
Monday, 09.27.2021 @ 06:58am
Dodgy number. Avoid.
Posted by george Biggins
Friday, 09.24.2021 @ 11:01am
This number is scam. They promise to send parcels and want money for parcels. Watch out for this scammers!!!
Posted by Carol
Friday, 09.24.2021 @ 01:11am
This is Global Lending Services. I do not have a loan with them so not sure why they would call my work number. I also did not authorize anyone to list me as a reference their auto/personal loan but the representative could not give me any information. Whelp. I just hope that they never call again.
Posted by Michele
Tuesday, 09.21.2021 @ 14:49pm
Says 'My Hermes: sorry we are unable to deliver your unpaid fee. Please confirm the redelivery of your item at https://hermes.pay-depot-fee.com'
Posted by kate
Tuesday, 09.21.2021 @ 03:00am
Left text message: we have been disabled your access to your cards according to the new IP logged in visit http://bit.ly/3Cz9pVM to restore access.
Posted by Nicole
Monday, 09.20.2021 @ 20:25pm
You left message to call. I don't know you.
Posted by Lydia
Monday, 09.20.2021 @ 18:56pm
had this call yesterday (Sunday 19th) from Hermes to say they missed a delivery. I don't have anything outstanding. This is suspicious, so I didn't pursue this any further.
Posted by Mat
Monday, 09.20.2021 @ 08:25am
This number is supposedly sending me msgs which I don't receive as well as calling which I don't hear or see on my phone. This is very concerning as I can clearly see them on my acct page and the odd hours are disturbing as well. This is textbook case of being hacked.
Posted by DK
Sunday, 09.19.2021 @ 23:14pm
Called today claiming to be from Specialist Eye Care asking for Zane. Clearly a call to check if your landline is working so that they can call later and pretent to be from BT Openreach. The caller was from the sub-continent which is the usual callers.
Posted by DJ
Thursday, 09.16.2021 @ 05:31am
Just ... Don't .... Answer ... A number you don't know!!!
Posted by Scouza
Wednesday, 09.15.2021 @ 18:42pm
I answered and it was a man selling air duct cleaning very strange hardly anyone cold calls these days
Posted by Hello
Tuesday, 09.14.2021 @ 20:30pm
This number has telephoned me several times over the last two or three months.

At first blush methinks it might me a relay number.
Posted by Johnathan Doe
Tuesday, 09.14.2021 @ 17:48pm
As all of the others,it was a silent call who left no message
Posted by Mib
Tuesday, 09.14.2021 @ 05:16am
Looking for one to join her and her dog in the bedroom.
Posted by Franky
Sunday, 09.12.2021 @ 23:48pm
Female said i have been selected for post code lottery I asked her if she had heard of TPS line went dead !
Posted by questor
Friday, 09.10.2021 @ 08:22am
this call darkened by phone at 11:20 AM September 8, 2021. I no longer answer unknown phone numbers and if they leave a message, then I think about it. All's fair in tel-abuse.

Grandpa Al

Update.... I saw in someone else's comments the Camden County Library and I called them and they have a book on hold for me... well ain't my sails deflated...
Posted by Grandpa Al
Wednesday, 09.8.2021 @ 13:32pm
Yorkshire Water.
Posted by James
Wednesday, 09.8.2021 @ 10:28am
I have a fraudulent charge on my credit card from this #
Posted by Joe
Monday, 09.6.2021 @ 11:20am
one person called frm this no. and said ,he is from dubai municipality , want 1500DHS.I have checked with municipality, they said it is a fraud call.
Posted by Liji K.
Saturday, 09.4.2021 @ 06:57am
Claimed to be Amazon about (non-existent!) £390 order. Care!
Posted by ASG
Saturday, 09.4.2021 @ 04:47am
01616948777. 07763 598741

R sending working WhatsApp code for new number but then set up new one with old account

This is linked to signzworld heatpress Chinese owner who hacked my device months ago and now a police matter for online stalking harrassment
Posted by Annomous
Saturday, 09.4.2021 @ 03:42am
Received a call from this telephone number. No message was left. Anonymous callback reached a poorly recorded prompt saying "Press '1' to be removed from our calling list".
Posted by Paul C.
Friday, 09.3.2021 @ 13:23pm
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