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sounded like some kind of housing survey - they've now rung 3 times
Posted by RH
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 10:27am
Rng twice, answered, 3 second call, call finished without anything except my saying hello. Most annoying. number now blocked. I have so many blocked numbers it is ridiculous.
Posted by Mhairi
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 07:27am
I received a text message from the number 07378911064, saying: "You have a recorded message from Jane, dial 09826523213 to retrieve, opt-out: help@web-zone.co.uk 18+" ...
This is totally dodgy, stay away.
Posted by Simon
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 05:18am
Some salesdude saying something about environmental....click
Posted by bozo
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 21:18pm
Called and left no message. Who is it?
Posted by A A
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 04:53am
My partner who is used to buying on the Internet bought a £3.95 sample and has since been billed £140. Do not buy from any website with this phone number. I rang it and it was answered by a woman who had a loud dog barking all the time and after getting cut off, I rang again and a man promised to do a refund, but now she finds the goods are on their way
Posted by Malcolm Perkins
Monday, 11.23.2020 @ 03:51am
Leaves text messages about feet! Sicko!
Posted by Anon
Sunday, 11.22.2020 @ 14:16pm
Scammers - They will tell you that you are guilty of wire fraud and they are going to garnish your wages OR you can work it out with them. Do not fall for their bull----! These people are the scum of the Earth. They have no conscience.
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 16:41pm
Caller called, laughed then hung up
Posted by Derek
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 09:01am
Repeated calls all saying "I've been informed you've been in a car accident"
Posted by Lemonslice1
Friday, 11.20.2020 @ 07:31am
repeated calls from this number. I answered once to silence so hung up. I regard it as a nuisance caller.
Posted by Bromley
Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 11:00am
This Darryl ding dong wants to buy my property, the only problem is it's NOT for sale. Where are these idiots getting my number and why are they bothering me and wasting my minutes? isn't there enough property out there for sale that they have to be bugging me? I'm in the FCC do NOT call list. So tired of unsolicited calls.
Posted by Sue
Wednesday, 11.18.2020 @ 17:55pm
I AM SO SICK OF THIS NUMBER. Every day several times a day I get Hello is Simon there from the female voice and the male voice asks me if I am selling my house. AG office to report this idiots is 888 382 1222, hit # 3 for complaint and it tells you the rest. I sincerely hope that some agency starts fining these idiots. We could bail out the national debt.
Posted by Elizabeth
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 15:51pm
I received a call from this number- unable to answer left the message regarding issue of warrant for arrest and this being final pre arrest warning! Then, whilst out yesterday afternoon and this morning received two more final warnings! This is not how HMRC operate. I'm just disappointed I didn't get to speak to them!
Posted by Suzy Ward
Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 04:58am
Been called 13 times in a 24 hr period. does not leave a message.
Posted by Frefd
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 23:04pm
Called my office line twice, no voicemail.
Posted by Tee
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 12:25pm
Said they were Carphone Warehouse. Non English speaker and very difficult to understand.
Posted by Flora
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 10:09am
Nuisance call.
Posted by Al
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 06:23am
I received several calls and finally picked up. I realized that it was not a live human I was talking to as the responses became
bizarre and after saying that I was not interested they replied "Thats great, I will forward you to my supervisor to take your credit card information"

It was from a Police benevolence type of organization. It said from the Branford area.

Who falls for this nonsense and why isn't the FCC fining these people tons of money for illegally using the phone lines.
Posted by R
Friday, 11.13.2020 @ 17:24pm
It is spam and a spoofed number.
Posted by Will
Friday, 11.13.2020 @ 15:48pm
13.16 13/11/20 caller told me his name was Michael and I had malicious software downloaded on my computer. Claimed to be fro windows technical department. When I asked his surname he said Jackson so I hung up.
Posted by David Worrall
Friday, 11.13.2020 @ 08:22am
My phone said the call was coming from a toll-free number and I answered it at 5:30PM. The caller had my name and said they were Comcast. Then I realized the area code was 844 and told them I was busy and just hung up. I think it's a scam caller.
Posted by Me
Wednesday, 11.11.2020 @ 20:43pm
Woman with foreign accent and noise of children playing in background. When asked who she was there was no response
Posted by Jill
Wednesday, 11.11.2020 @ 12:01pm
received message at 09:30 with a recorded message on answer machine from 'HMRC' telling me that If I did not call the number then I would be arrested for tax evasion. SCAM
Posted by Colin
Wednesday, 11.11.2020 @ 04:45am
Scammer, not worth answering. This scammer uses all numbers in the 9912xxxx set, silence unknown callers and then block the number.
Posted by Frankie
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 23:10pm
Answered and there was no one there. I said hello several times and no one ever spoke so I disconnected the call
Posted by C Cherry
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 10:59am
"Hello. Say Yes." Was the only thing they said.
Posted by Chris
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 10:16am
Hello this is sarah from skylight advisors we understand you have been in an accident?
My reply my only accident is answering this call from you so goodbye then i hung up & blocked there number & reported it
Posted by Angelbabe1uk
Tuesday, 11.10.2020 @ 06:26am
Scam used to record you saying "Yes" to use in other scams.

Report the number and time of day to scamwatch as I have.
Posted by Mohit
Sunday, 11.8.2020 @ 23:15pm
Answered call today. No one answered and line went dead. Rang back, was told I had dialled incorrect number. Have blocked number and will be checking next phone bill carefully.
Posted by Sandra
Friday, 11.6.2020 @ 12:21pm
I have blocked this number yet it still came through. What else can you do?
Posted by Denise
Friday, 11.6.2020 @ 07:22am
As above received a call when I tried to call back engaged. Obviously automated call but no idea who it is or what the wanted
Posted by Kim
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 17:14pm
Scammer. Blocked.
Posted by Charles
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 16:10pm
Call received but no answer
Posted by Evan
Thursday, 11.5.2020 @ 06:21am
Number came up when a bad website tried to fool me into thinking that my computer was infected with a virus.
(Now I am going to cap this number and mess with the scammers)
Posted by Phil In Reno
Wednesday, 11.4.2020 @ 15:22pm
I answered after a couple of rings. There was no response from the caller. I listened to dead air for awhile and then hung up. More than likely a fishing expedition from some bad actors looking for active numbers and will be followed by more scam calls offering free cruise ship vacation or lowering the interest rate on my credit card or perhaps Mark from Microsoft telling me there is something wrong with my Mac. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahaahaahhaha!!
Posted by Grant
Tuesday, 11.3.2020 @ 19:57pm
Tried to book on VRBO and coded this number in a message. Beware
Posted by Mike
Tuesday, 11.3.2020 @ 14:15pm
Had a missed call earlier today to my sim that was in my ipad!
Upon looking it up i see its apparantly some scammer pretending to be from carphone wearhouse they must be getting desperate ringing ppl!
My contract is nowhere near due for upgrade so they cant use that as an excuse so ive reported there number to my network provider as a scam caller
Posted by Angelbabe1uk
Tuesday, 11.3.2020 @ 05:17am
They want information. I just say NO I will not answer their questions.They have called me 4 times now so next time I will waste their time for as long as I can. I will answer their questions with stupid answers. Suggest you all do the same then perhaps they will get the message.
Posted by Julie
Monday, 11.2.2020 @ 15:25pm
This is a scammer using one or more numbers in a bank of toll free number owned by chase or Bank One. Complain to them by calling directly 614-213-3358 Explain that you have been receiving calls from 833-362-0389 or 833-362-0390 or 833-362-0388 and that they call ring enough times for your answering machine to pick up and leave no message. Make them fix this issue, as it it their line and they are responsible for the phone calls.
Posted by fedup!
Monday, 11.2.2020 @ 10:05am
ring and hang up
Posted by shaun
Monday, 11.2.2020 @ 08:32am
Received a message about FedEx delivery with a link. Did not click the link, cause I did not expect any FedEx Delivery.
Posted by FalseFedexMessage
Sunday, 11.1.2020 @ 19:29pm
Text message claiming to be FedEx delivery notification but they're spelling it FEDEX. Don't be fooled. It's a scam!
Posted by A
Sunday, 11.1.2020 @ 12:31pm
Dam Robo caller, claming to be a debt collector. Computer generated spam/scam caller. Don't call them back Block this jerk.
Posted by J
Saturday, 10.31.2020 @ 15:36pm
A very obnoxious, rude person with a Philippino accent called me trying to scam me out of my property.
Posted by Barbara
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 23:21pm
Scamme. Wish government would get rid of this number
Posted by Jeff
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 11:36am
This is a scam number. It's designed to get you to call back on a premium number they give or send or click on a link they message to you.
You will be charged LOTS of money if you do. Please report this number to as many sites as possible.
Posted by Berny
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 08:58am
Unsolicited charity fundraiser asking me to go through security questions I refused as they had called me! Number is on official charity webpage
Posted by Saffi
Friday, 10.30.2020 @ 06:17am
3 calls today. I'm on the do not call list. Blocked and reported.
Posted by Domingo
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 19:44pm
When I asked who was calling and if I could take a message, caller hung up.
Posted by Anne
Tuesday, 10.27.2020 @ 13:04pm
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