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Left message saying his name is Paul williams from Pachini Bryant & Associates saying something about a small claims case in Ventura county that I hadn’t responded to their initial correspondence mailed to me. He had my correct name and my correct mailing address and told me to refer to a case #. Sounds pretty legit but I am unable to find anything on line that matches with his info/company/phone # and I do not know of any small claims cases being filed against me sooooo hopefully it’s a scam lol
Posted by AHenry
Tuesday, 03.2.2021 @ 19:23pm
Silent caller
Posted by Mike
Tuesday, 03.2.2021 @ 11:46am
it appears to be Halsted Financial Services calling for the reason ..... well, lady did not explained it, instead she kept asking for critical personal information. I do not know what to think about it:)
Posted by john
Monday, 03.1.2021 @ 17:30pm
Take me off your call list. Your company is filled with scam artist. I don't know how you can live with yourselves. I really hope the government caches each of you and you are imprisoned.
Posted by Julia Grant
Monday, 03.1.2021 @ 10:28am
another scamster on the make, using a local area number to make u think it might be relevant/important
Posted by id rather notsay
Monday, 03.1.2021 @ 05:02am
Scam calls from this number on 2/27/21, claimed were calling about fraudulent Amazon charge. Have been reported to Amazon
Posted by Robert
Saturday, 02.27.2021 @ 16:05pm




Posted by jesting
Saturday, 02.27.2021 @ 15:52pm
I picked up the phone but they did not speak and then then hung up.
Posted by BB
Saturday, 02.27.2021 @ 09:40am
Calls every day from this number. no message is left.
Posted by Sharon
Friday, 02.26.2021 @ 11:23am
There are many warnings already posted on the internet regarding this contact number. DO NOT
answer any calls from this person, nor respond to any sms. Please refer to the warnings
already posted to learn more about who this person is, and why he attempts to call.
Posted by Treudeau
Thursday, 02.25.2021 @ 19:27pm
Someone named "Jasmine" leaves a message saying "I was calling about your property. Sorry I missed you."

Posted by Arby
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 17:48pm
On January 22 Samantha Levy called looking for Charles Smith. On February 22 Ken Lawrence called from Recovery Services from this same phone number. I think both of these are scams.
Posted by anonymous
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 15:26pm
This number called me claiming to be a comcast sales men, after looking up the number it seems as if he's a scam artist. Be safe out there.
Posted by Anon
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 14:44pm

There are many warnings already posted on the internet regarding this contact number. DO NOT
answer any calls from this person, nor respond to any sms. Please refer to the warnings
already posted to learn more about who this person is, and why he attempts to call.
Posted by Indiana
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 14:09pm
I got call on 3rd feb 2021 and today 24rth feb 2021. In true caller showing prathik.p scam . May i know who they are.?
Posted by ShivaUdhaya
Wednesday, 02.24.2021 @ 08:39am
The woman's message just says "Yes this is Sarah Walker and I was trying to reach you regarding an important matter of reviewing the lower rate on your mortgage. Deadlines are happening soon. Rates are gonna be going up so please return my call at 323-433-6960. Again that number is 323-433-6960 and then your record ID number to refer to when you call back is EOXXXXX."

She doesn't say who she is calling in the message. Mortgage people DO NOT call you, they send mail if they want to communicate with you regarding details of you finances. The caller here assumes that you'll answer--if you happen to have a mortgage--if you fall for believing that she is "calling you" specifically. Once you call back, since she hat given the impression in her message of being familiar to you and that you must have had some kind of ongoing communication with her, she'll answer saying, "Oh yes, and ask you to "Verify" your name. There you have to stop and ask, Why?--because she doesn't know who you are at all and now starts the data collection and asking of questions about your financial information. I answered that I'd given the ID number specific to me, and "If you can't even keep my name straight with my ID number, then no way am I going to trust you with more information. Thank you." And I hung up. Of course, I knew before hand that Sarah Walker's call was just a fishing or cold-call telemarketing. I like to waste my time and telemarketer's that way.
Posted by Mildred
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 19:15pm
Called and came up as 'possible SPAM call' on my display, so I didn't answer.
Posted by C
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 12:48pm
I unanswered the call. Suspisious number
Posted by DamnOnYOu
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 02:27am
Male called at 10.30am 22/2/21. Stated he was from Domestic Appliance Care. Not Domestic and General. We have a policy with D&G and this man gave details of our appliances we have covered. He stated out address and offered a 35% discount. I asked for it through the post and he stated he would need the sort code of our bank. Straight away, he was informed all contracts were through the post. He hung up after I refused. Phoned the number back on a withheld 141 and it was unavailable. Gave another number for customer services as 0333 200 1600
Posted by Investigate
Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 05:48am
Has called once per day for the past 4 days. I don't answer and they don't leave a voice mail.
Posted by MIKE
Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 10:40am
It's an Ecuadorian number so annoying
Posted by Fabian
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 18:09pm
i have had this call 3 times comes up as potential fraud ihave blocked them but are still calling me .
Posted by fairy
Friday, 02.19.2021 @ 11:02am
This number and many other london numbers keep ttying to ring my mobile
Posted by Angelbabe1uk
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 20:50pm
it's a scam. Don't answer the message or the phone call. You'll be charged extortionate rates.
Posted by andrew
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 07:18am
Genuine call; Halifax fraud line ringing about a suspicious transaction on daughter's account - she was trying to buy a mobile phone that I wasn't aware of at the time. I did get an automated voice stating that it was for < my daughter's full name>. The confusing thing is that their website displays a different no. for their fraud line so I initially suspected a scam.
Note that it has the UK prefix so the number should be 03330459574. It was a bit puzzling when I initially tried the 04433... no. as it was a dead line tone.
Posted by Mark
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 15:55pm
Txt message:
A PAYMENT OF *299.99has been
made to a NEW payee. If this was
NOT you, please visit : https://anz-

Posted by Al
Saturday, 02.13.2021 @ 17:58pm
When you call this number Lewis Reed president of the board of alderman voice- mail gives you a message vm for him. I let messages at this # for them to leave a message when they call me. This did not happen.
Posted by a
Saturday, 02.13.2021 @ 15:53pm
It's me, this is my number
Posted by Robert kiprovski
Saturday, 02.13.2021 @ 01:52am
hung up no message.
Posted by Stacia
Friday, 02.12.2021 @ 18:33pm
Keeps calling every day. Says he is with some new fund for the police. Sounds bogus.
Posted by Dave
Friday, 02.12.2021 @ 18:06pm
My 93 Year old mother-in-law is being charged for calls coming from this number!
Posted by Dawn
Friday, 02.12.2021 @ 12:32pm
Pest calls, receives day/night - real nuissance
Posted by User 401
Friday, 02.12.2021 @ 10:18am
no one on the other line has called before
Posted by annoyed very
Thursday, 02.11.2021 @ 09:07am
Hospital to book appointments
Posted by Nikki
Thursday, 02.11.2021 @ 05:18am
unknown who called, no voice mail
Posted by Joanie
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 15:41pm
I continue to get calls from this number saying that my application was accepted and si was now able to get $40,000 loan.

I never applied to them. They say they are the National Realty Center.

Posted by ML Lusky
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 15:21pm
A man called, almost sounded computer generated, and wanted my name, to sign me up for CARP longdistance. I don't take offers over the phone, so he gave me this website...www.carpaction.com/BARP When asked, told me his name was Joseph Wells, calling from out of province...Ontario I think. But why did he use a Nova Scotia area code. I had a strong gut feeling it was all fake, so I didn't divulge my name or any other information. I looked up that website and It wasn't available to view. It was a scam, but not sure what his angle was.
Posted by Julie
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 10:52am
This number has rung a few times. I think it's an energy company, the caller tries to engage in chit chat,and referred to me by my Christian name. Very irritating. I have blocked this number.
Posted by Cmm
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 10:27am
Came through on mobile,couldn't hear anything, sounded like a woman's voice. I ended the call.
Posted by Poppy
Wednesday, 02.10.2021 @ 06:59am
Did not know number so did not answer
Posted by Fred
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 18:37pm
Received missed call,had car salvage quote on line from 3 companies.
The latter appealed to me due to environmental policies.
Told I would receive call from someone soon,03333201614 .Number on their website is similar.
Posted by T.
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 11:36am
V short ring & left no message
Posted by Rutu
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 06:56am
Yep, got this call. Someone called Sophie. She hung up after saying her name and I blocked her. NZ number. Not recognized by me so I blocked her.
Posted by Amarinda Jones
Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 01:21am
I got a SMS text from this number. It stated it was HMRC offering me a Tax rebate.
Posted by mp
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 14:50pm
Called twice. Declined both times. No VM was left.
Posted by Joe biden
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 13:46pm
Keeps calling and never leaves a message
Posted by OB
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 11:37am
Clearly a phishing call, with no intention to speak with you. They want you to call back, thats when problems will start
Posted by LR
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 08:12am
They're after your bank details. Out of the blue a woman knew my name and said "unfortunately that payment hasn't gone through...." I hung up. They didn't ring back.
Posted by Titch
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 06:57am
These two number +917047783962 and +918145946571 are from Bengal, India and not safe. Spammer.
Posted by Nitha Cleetus
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 05:52am
Called Saturday and i never answered. Called again this morning so decided to answer! It was a Asian man saying he was from windows technical department i hung up as new it was SPAM
Posted by Claire
Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 03:51am
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