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Call back and press 9 to opt out
Company is called Future Planning (or something similar)
Posted by Peter
Friday, 02.22.2019 @ 06:26am
Call back and press 9 to opt out
Company is called Future Planning (or something similar)
Posted by Peter
Friday, 02.22.2019 @ 06:25am
They left no voicemail. I called back and it went to a dataline/fax
Posted by LKJ
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 14:33pm
Posted by BOB
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 12:49pm
ask for the home owner but when told they were busy just hung up
Posted by Steve
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 08:47am
four calls yesterday from this number. They left messages that my Hot-Mail account had been hacked, said not to use any Apple, devices, Apps. On the fourth call I answered and got a MF'er that could barely speak English. They wanted me to log on to my computer and asked a bunch of suspicious questions. Already wary of scammers I told them I have no "hot-Mail" accounts, don't have any Apple devices, don't use any Apple Applications on my computer, and I have not had a Hot-Mail account in over 10 years. I then hung up 100% convinced it was an attempted scam to get private information.
Posted by c. morran
Thursday, 02.21.2019 @ 04:03am
I've been charged 75p by this number and I've no idea who it is or why!
Posted by Peter Kelly
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 15:26pm
It was an automated message. I called the number they left because they told me there was a warrant for my arrest for Social Security fraud. When I started asking questions they hung up. I called back and began asking more questions and he hangs up again. I immediately thought it was a scam because the first thing he asked for was my name and social security number. I said no and he proceeded to tell me he needed it to look up why I got a call from them. Asking questions again to him, he hung up.
Posted by concerned
Wednesday, 02.20.2019 @ 13:21pm
Works at Zenith Windows, as number was unknown I didn't answer at first, but kept calling so I answered and told him to forget it. Annoying!
Posted by Jennifer
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 18:00pm
This number calls daily and leaces a silent voicemail
Posted by Brent
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 17:31pm
Called cell phone and left no message. This has happened before.
Posted by Lee
Tuesday, 02.19.2019 @ 14:27pm
called but no one there. blocked immediately.
Posted by me
Monday, 02.18.2019 @ 17:27pm
They call once or twice a day never leaves a message.
Posted by Nicole
Monday, 02.18.2019 @ 15:20pm
supposed to be doctors survey?
Posted by shannon
Sunday, 02.17.2019 @ 05:09am
I've had 5 calls from WCF 206=401-1069 this month so far. I never answer and they don't leave a message. Most of the calls are between 8 and 9 in the morning and it's getting quite irritating to say the least.
Posted by Maxine
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 17:39pm
I know who's number this is?
Posted by Karma
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 09:21am
will try to complaint to mcmc soon
Posted by maxis telco user
Friday, 02.15.2019 @ 02:47am
It is www.easylife.co.UK
So IF you have previously used them or enquired this is the trying to do more sales.
Posted by SafetyConcious
Wednesday, 02.13.2019 @ 05:13am
Caller ID showed: Elgin, TX at this number. Tried calling back and got continued busy signal. A scammer it is!
Posted by Eden
Tuesday, 02.12.2019 @ 14:26pm
Accident claim cold call
Posted by Mike Woolridge
Tuesday, 02.12.2019 @ 10:21am
'This is an urgent message about your timeshare...' !!!
Posted by W
Tuesday, 02.12.2019 @ 06:57am
Sales call
Posted by Paul
Sunday, 02.10.2019 @ 20:57pm
Calls my number at odd hours but doesn't leave any message. A typical scam caller,
Posted by Scam number
Saturday, 02.9.2019 @ 20:37pm
Never leaves a message
Posted by Bob
Saturday, 02.9.2019 @ 11:23am
It's a scam, it's supposed to be an "Elizabeth" from "Microsoft" calling about your "Microsoft license" being renewed for $299.00. -DO NOT- give anyone over the phone, that called you, personal identifiable information -ALWAYS- search for the legitimate company contact and call with the official phone number.
Posted by Anonymous
Friday, 02.8.2019 @ 14:34pm
This number keeps calling when I answer the caller just hangs up
Posted by Paula
Friday, 02.8.2019 @ 05:24am
Received call. Answering machine picked up. My message is very brief. I think the caller thought it was a person. A man asked for me by name, then said hello, then sighed and hung up. I don't recognize this number. I think it's spam or a scam.
Posted by JoJo
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 19:03pm
Message says they are charging my acct $299 tomorrow. today 2/7/19
Posted by CAROLE
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 17:11pm
does't identify self and doesn't leave message. I have call blocking
Posted by Bubba Gump
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 16:47pm
Was a computer generated voice telling me I have fraud charges pending against me regarding my social security!!!! such a lie!
Posted by dianne
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 16:04pm
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 15:53pm
This number left a msg ...a 6 digit number saying this is ur verification code
Another american number called shortly after which i answered and it said the same thing
Then my WhatsApp asked me to verify dual install and when i clicked cancell the whole app disappeared
SOMEONE who has my number is trying to dual install my WhatsApp
Posted by Rag
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 15:38pm
Called my work number. Left no message
Posted by CraigW
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 13:08pm
Same today..criminal activity on SS number.
Posted by chris
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 12:32pm
I just received a call from them and they said that there are criminal activities attached to my social security number and to call them back immediately. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! LOL!!!
Posted by Ken
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 12:13pm
I received a call from this number 0151 222 5462 when I answered this call it just hung up I called back but was engaged not sure who this number belongs to
Posted by Brian Hudson
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 11:08am
Claims to be the Social Security Administration and that my SS# is suspended due to suspicious activity.
Posted by Dawn
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 10:33am
This is so annoying.5 message. Enough!
Posted by Darien Wilson
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 06:17am
i got too much sms from this number.quickly stop the sms sending to +8801740165361
Posted by MD. SURUJ ALI
Thursday, 02.7.2019 @ 05:12am
This # called today around 1:00 P.M. the C.I.D. showed V20613042000158 & the # 8302171356 under it, so they are scammers when they do this. Have had many calls & they have a heavy accent, so do NOT bother answering a call if you do NOT know the # & it does NOT show a reliable entity. Especially, if it shows this over the #, as I put showing on CID.. That is a sure sign, they are not from the U.S unless it is Mexico. Never give any type info or $$. Times are hard & this will get worse. When you block them, they always come back with another #. Either they have or they most likely hack into. Everybody gets these scamming idiots at least 3 or more a week. Just ignore them or they will get worse. They may even come over here & put something that makes them show legit, when they are NOT. These scammers will do ANYTHING & SAY ANYTHING to get ANY of YOUR info & money.
Posted by Enough
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 14:52pm
They say they from perfect benefits and call at least 3 times a day even on mobile as well as landline getting fed up
Posted by Susan Martin
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 13:58pm
Same - multiple calls, no message left. Not even from the same continent.
Posted by Mimi
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 07:25am
Just called and ask me if I'm Michael and put the phone down
Posted by Michael
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 07:19am
This number is the Hollywood Bowl customer services call centre, I called them for 14m 48s to sort out a booking and was charged £7.64. Never again will I phone them from my mobile.
Posted by Mark
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 05:50am
the insurance surgery - I made an enquiry for life insurance they called back - helped me out when other companies couldn't
Posted by sarah
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 05:37am
I found this number on a Craigslist ad for medical marijuana delivery. Which is illegal to do on Craigslist. There is only one ad, I'm thinking it's the police trying to sting criminals. I texted that number a few minutes ago, still waiting for a reply. Ill let you know if they reply.
Posted by J.h
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 04:12am
Got mis call from this number don't know
Where is this coming from
Posted by Nikki
Wednesday, 02.6.2019 @ 02:03am
Posted by Juan
Monday, 02.4.2019 @ 12:18pm
These people pretended they were the providers of my 'now expired' washing machine warranty, which I never had!

She rang off when I persisted in asking for the address she was phoning from, said to be their London Head office.

Clearly misrepresentation at best and fraudulent at worst.
Posted by Mark
Monday, 02.4.2019 @ 09:50am
Did not leave a message. I called the number and the message is"You have reached 1 210 294 9897 Please leave a message after the tone" I hung up and did not leave a message. I will see if they call back since they probably captured my phone number.
Posted by JC
Monday, 02.4.2019 @ 09:37am
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