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I want to know whose is this. ? They reversed the call and I have to pay £49.
Posted by Mrs J Vicknesvaran
Sunday, 06.16.2019 @ 08:40am
Posted by MR OLIVER
Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 17:37pm
Scam number clames he is from social security. My SS has been stopped
Posted by Kenneth Kinsfather
Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 16:01pm
This number keeps calling and it's abusive on the phone
Posted by Nicola Cameron
Wednesday, 06.12.2019 @ 08:45am
Posted by Charles Scott Stevenson
Wednesday, 06.12.2019 @ 03:47am
Said he was calling from husband's bank, wanting feedback. I said not interested thank you
Posted by Sally
Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 05:00am
Were calling on behalf of EU patent and copyright registry.
Had average English and were not quite able to explain why shoud I answer them details about my company. It felt wiered.
Posted by Natalie
Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 04:29am
Caller said she was a pharmacist and wanted to discuss medications. Did not say where she was from or who she was calling about.
Posted by Jan
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 15:26pm
Its teli marketers - just ignore them
Posted by Norman
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 11:17am
SCAM call trying to be from EON energy - definitely not EON - just trying to get your meter number. Block if you can.
Posted by Neil
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 06:37am
This is Smartcom Vodacom new contracts, they are relentless
Posted by Vexy
Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 05:32am
Posted by IVOR
Sunday, 06.9.2019 @ 00:27am
Posted by IVOR
Sunday, 06.9.2019 @ 00:25am
(855) 273 6891
Call Type: Telemarketer
On Jun 08,2019, but they begun calling me from April 02,2019 while I was in Arkansas! This is what they have been doing every since that first call. I have had this number call me calling me 2 to 6 times daily. One time I answered it, at the very beginning, because they had an Arkansas phone number, I answered it because my brother was real sick, just come home from the hospital, and the 479 area code. I had been dealing with a lot of calls about my brother's care, therapy, excetera, so I had to answered it, and they tried to claim I contacted them about some windows, they go by Anderson Windows! I told them I hadn't, but here is the kicker. They called me, they had me as living in Arkansas with my brother's address. When I told them I didn't call them they insisted that I did and said I contacted by my email. Once again I told them we didn't, and they had the wrong addres for me. Also, I told them haven't they heard of spoofing, maybe that is what happen. Finally, I had to hang up on the man. After that day they kept calling me up to 12 calls a day. Finally, I called the company, they were not interested in stopping them. But they kept asking for my phone number, and I wouldn't give it to them! I told them I was on the don't call list and it was illegal to call me. Still no luck with the company. For a long time in April, I was deleting their calls, and their voice mail. Then I realized if I was going to file a complaint, I might not haved them, but the phone calls still coming. One of the voice mail is a woman. This is a pressure issue in trying to make me get there windows! No matter what I do, they still keep calling, and some are unlisted, but I know it is them, because they left a voice mail on my phone. I don't know how to stop them, but I do know I should do something about them. They are filling up my voice mail! Help me somebody! I can't stop them from calling me everyday, when I do they come up with a new number to get through!
Posted by Kit
Saturday, 06.8.2019 @ 11:48am
Scientology in Florida.
Posted by CamBurt95
Friday, 06.7.2019 @ 23:19pm
This number called me on my work phone and asked for me by my legal name (that I do not ever use). The caller asked me to verify the last four digits of my SSN. I told her I was not comfortable to give out that information. I asked who she was and she began getting very irritated with me. She then read my street address to me and asked me to verify that I live there. I told her I was also uncomfortable giving out my place of residence. She got very angry and said that she would "notify the owners that I do not like to pay my bills." She then hung up on me. I do not think any reputable collection agency would call me at work, forgo telling me who they were, and then demand my social security number.
Posted by anonymous
Friday, 06.7.2019 @ 17:14pm
Received SCAM purporting to be Publishers Clearing House naming me as a winner. Spiel goes on and on then terminates with requirement for money for government fee............ in my case it was 4800 --- within minutes talked them down to 200 they wanted it in the form of cards from CVS pharmacy.
Posted by Tom
Thursday, 06.6.2019 @ 16:58pm
Called today saying they are HMRC asking to talk to company director
Posted by Martin
Thursday, 06.6.2019 @ 14:00pm
Crap google street view nonsense. Looks like they leave a lot of false reviews on phone number lookup websites so they seem more legit, despite this number not returning in any searches to any sort of official company. These same guys pop up once a year to my shop and try to tell me that they've sold their package to all my competitors that same year. They name drop the same businesses over and over - none of which have the package theyre attempting to sell. They get very argumentative, & when they finally understand that youre not interested they either hang up on you, or insult you then hang up!
Posted by viv
Thursday, 06.6.2019 @ 09:08am
It's a company called Petstock in Victoria, Australia
Posted by Jase
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 23:03pm
If you don't recognize the number DON'T answer. If it is someone you know or important they will leave a message. All others are spam, IMO.
Posted by FYI
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 16:34pm
Scam call claiming to be HMRC
Posted by Liz
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 15:19pm
this number has called me 5 times since 7am this morning. it is no 11. no voicemail.
Posted by dave
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 10:58am
Court Enforcement officer, not spam!
Posted by EA
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 10:58am
Called me to say I was being sued and to push another number to speak to my case worker! Blocked it !
Posted by janet
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 07:34am
This number called me 05/06/19. I no longer answer calls which I do not recognise,or which do not leave a message that identifies the caller. My mob no is circulated to v. few people so chances of it being a scam are high
Posted by carol
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 07:05am
Claimed to be from HMRC and said I was under investigation. Wanted me to contact them but I didn't bother. Think this is a scam number for various tricks. I'm self-employed so it might work at this time of year as the tax payment's coming up next month.
Posted by Scruff
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 05:33am
Rang 3 times in last 24 hours . States they are a law enforcement agency and have frozen my national insurance number!!!
Posted by Susan
Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 04:44am
BEWARE!!! These Scammers have LOTS of tech scams going, of you Google "866 232 7330". I got duped when I found their fake Epson customer care website online. I called it & they did s "screen share" on mty MacBook Pro.They remote controlled my desktop with their app that they had me download. (Support LogMeInRescue.app) They opened my Terminal App on my Mac & entered a command, then told me my IP address was compromised & they could fix it .They wanted $99.99 to permanently fix it & install Sonic Firewall software - I have NO CLUE what they may have hacked off my computer ...FYI - this was NOT the call in number on their fake website, but after trying to hard sell me for 55 minutes, they gave me their call back number:866 232 7330
Posted by PJ M
Tuesday, 06.4.2019 @ 17:49pm
This is a window company that I made the mistake of giving my phone number to a couple years ago at the Lake County Fair. I have asked for TWO YEARS for them to stop calling me and they continue to do so.
Posted by Jennifer
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 19:27pm
Got a text saying it was Wells Fargo. Needing to verify information.
Posted by Rose
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 10:28am
Claimed to be Boiler Protection Company. Said we paid £240 p.a. buty had not made a clain against the policy. Advised caller that we had boiler serviced by local company.l THe insurer was not present on day of call.. Date 03.06.19
Posted by J.R.Luce
Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 08:20am
Received a voice mail saying that we need to call this number and left a reference number for us to mention. I think this is a scam.
Posted by FG
Saturday, 06.1.2019 @ 19:42pm
3 calls today saying a law enforcement agency had made a law suite in my name and wanted my national insurance number and to contact my case officer, on line 1. Had another call last week. I need to now contact the police.
Posted by lindylou
Saturday, 06.1.2019 @ 13:32pm
Called 5/31/2019 and left voicemail. The speaker was a robot. I do not know what the call was about, but the robot threatened to take legal action against me if I do not return call back to the same number. I have ignored the call. Not very clever, not interesting, and just stupid.
Posted by Red Toad
Friday, 05.31.2019 @ 19:34pm
pestly Robocalls - killing the answering machine - What to these jerks want any way ???
Posted by Fred S
Friday, 05.31.2019 @ 17:12pm
Called, left no message. From D.C. area, report says, but numbers can be spoofed.
Posted by Ava green
Thursday, 05.30.2019 @ 15:05pm
This is a solicitors Judge and Priestley.
Posted by Peter
Thursday, 05.30.2019 @ 12:00pm
Conducting a survey with numerous questions around copyright law...
Posted by Ben
Thursday, 05.30.2019 @ 08:02am
This phone number called me and got my voice mail. The voicemail message was a recording telling me that "my social security number has been deactivated due to suspicious activity." I am not even sure what the hell this means but thought I would leave it here in comments.
Posted by SC
Wednesday, 05.29.2019 @ 17:33pm
This is a PPI Call Centre
Posted by Jeni
Wednesday, 05.29.2019 @ 06:18am
They call and hang up the phone
Posted by carol
Wednesday, 05.29.2019 @ 00:08am
This bunch calls frequently, claiming to be Medicare. Obviously they are not. If anyone knows how to reach Medicare, it would be worthwhile to report this number to them. I believe this is a felony.
Posted by Ramon
Tuesday, 05.28.2019 @ 17:50pm
Will you stop ring me please
Posted by linda
Tuesday, 05.28.2019 @ 17:24pm
Claiming they were High Court Enforcement Officers, wanted money transferred straight way
Posted by Laura T
Tuesday, 05.28.2019 @ 13:23pm
Calls daily, leaves no message.
Posted by loops
Tuesday, 05.28.2019 @ 06:03am
Continuous calls from this number. As soon as I answer, the call is terminated. If I do not answer, then the call goes to messaging but no message is left. Attempts to call back on that number results in a failed call with the message "your call cannot be processed at the moment". I've now resorted to blocking the number
Posted by Gera
Tuesday, 05.28.2019 @ 03:20am
It's my home number.
Posted by Duane Rasey
Monday, 05.27.2019 @ 19:00pm
worke in NGO/PKSF foram sylhet.
Posted by Md.Feroz ahmed
Sunday, 05.26.2019 @ 05:53am
Some guy asking if I am on a dating or hookup site says to join for fun. Not even I replied & to **** Off freak I blocked the number
Posted by Angie
Sunday, 05.26.2019 @ 04:57am
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