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Posted by kupit-vitaminyi
Sunday, 11.28.2021 @ 07:44am
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Posted by WendellApend
Thursday, 11.25.2021 @ 09:38am
This number belongs to Jesse New
Posted by Lindsay Hall
Tuesday, 11.23.2021 @ 23:16pm
Call and does not leave messages
Posted by Call and does not leave messages
Tuesday, 11.23.2021 @ 15:56pm
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Posted by Ambassador For Christ
Monday, 11.22.2021 @ 20:46pm
Call claiming to be Social Security to my mom from this number. Referred to an 866 number in the message, which feels very scammy as no one answers a return call to this line. The number we were referred to call is not listed as a government line.
Posted by elbandito2015
Monday, 11.22.2021 @ 15:46pm
Text msg about parcel from DPD. Am not expecting any deliveries. Link to use to re-book is not dpd website. Scam.
Posted by Louise
Sunday, 11.21.2021 @ 02:35am
004922022132033 phoned but no one answred.
Posted by Malcolm
Friday, 11.19.2021 @ 08:31am
asking me if I want to work nights
Posted by Andy
Friday, 11.19.2021 @ 05:55am
SCAM Do not Answer
Posted by Paul
Thursday, 11.18.2021 @ 01:08am
Scam call at 9.35am today, do not give any details
Posted by Himali
Wednesday, 11.17.2021 @ 05:32am
Abnother phone scammer , just tell them if they speak to stick their head up their arses
Posted by Gunther
Wednesday, 11.17.2021 @ 05:32am
received call from 0109051933 on 12/11/2021 voice message telling to pay for HSBC credit card by the way i don't any hsbc account
Posted by omar jaafar
Tuesday, 11.16.2021 @ 11:31am
received 1st called on 15th november 2021 but silent no voice and the next day on 16th on 2021, so i blocked the number
Posted by omar jaafar
Tuesday, 11.16.2021 @ 11:25am
Received the call at 7:45 pm PST. A person alleging to be with the Regional Health District asked a lot of health-related questions; activity level, food consumption, vitamins, etc. At the end of the call, wanted to sell me a vitamin/herb product. Said they would email me information, which I never received.
Posted by Laurel
Tuesday, 11.16.2021 @ 10:52am
Get call on 8:36 pm. No idea whom she is.
Posted by Lisa Z
Monday, 11.15.2021 @ 20:39pm
Cell solicitor they told me sounded like girl was being to how to respond to me coz was delay every time

Posted by David
Monday, 11.15.2021 @ 07:24am
Purports to b calling from Microsoft I thought was a scam so hung up and blocked
Posted by johnboy
Monday, 11.15.2021 @ 07:05am
Seems to be someone calling trying to sell life assurance purporting to be be from Prosperous Life. Unsolicited call and I Blocked
Posted by johnboy
Monday, 11.15.2021 @ 07:01am
Like the others the phone rings no message left no ID just says Liverpool. If you answer but say nothing just get office noise or nothing. A computer originated caller I think and hearing nothing from the called number cuts off and moves on to the next listing.
Posted by johnboy
Monday, 11.15.2021 @ 06:32am
02080894396 Recorded message very threatening. Claim my National Insurance number compromised if I did not take action I would be prosecuted
Posted by Rick
Saturday, 11.13.2021 @ 04:09am
For ages now I have been plagued by 01202 numbers. I never answer but they just keep coming. Each time it`s different end digits so can`t be blocked. I have asked B.T. if they can add area code blocking to their call blocking list and would ask others to do the same. Maybe these idiots wouldn`t be so keen if they had to keep moving house!
Posted by John
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 21:03pm
This number is from Virgin plus technical support.
Posted by Kevin
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 14:21pm
sorry, it was me! i may have misdialled. im safe dont worry
Posted by sonny
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 10:03am
claims to be British Telecom
Posted by Peter McBeath
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 04:21am
A recorded message said something about an ebay payment. Definitely a scam.
Posted by Dave
Wednesday, 11.10.2021 @ 01:03am
Just been given this number by care staff at Wigan for Physio Therapist at Alexandra Court, Wigan?
Posted by Ron
Tuesday, 11.9.2021 @ 08:00am
These are scammers making out there from Santadar. They want to find out how much money you have in your account and then get you to transfer money.
Posted by Unknown
Thursday, 11.4.2021 @ 16:51pm
Carol from "Encompass"????? called to help me out with a problem re: ambulance bill. I sent her copy of the bill by fax & she was going to call me right back. She was also going to tell me where MRI was taken. I called her back when I sent fax and just got voice mail. Really thought she was going to help me. Is it possible Carol pulling some sort of scam, if so, what kind?
Posted by Sandra Shirley
Tuesday, 11.2.2021 @ 22:02pm
A woman with an accent gave her name which happened to be my name and asked me if I wanted to sell my house.
Posted by Regan
Tuesday, 11.2.2021 @ 16:53pm
Who is calling and why calling me.
Posted by Ladybug
Monday, 11.1.2021 @ 02:25am
I have got loads of calls dating back the last few months my bill have been rising and started investigating and found a hundred or more call to this no I have never made. I have been getting silent calls and hanging up as there is no response on the other end
Posted by Michelle
Thursday, 10.28.2021 @ 13:09pm
It's the BBC Radio Shropshire switchboard (assuming someone isn't spoofing their number)
Posted by Wendy
Tuesday, 10.26.2021 @ 15:52pm
This is for a restaurant in Holden MA called Pholicious. The number is posted on their facebook page, however they dont answer their phone very well or frequently

Posted by Gerry
Monday, 10.25.2021 @ 16:58pm
(Male voice, "Innit" tone of voice)
"Hello, I'm calling from the [unintelligible] [management?] service."
"Sorry, you're calling from what, again?"
Dodgy as heck. If they were for real, they'd have no problems repeating who they were calling from.
Posted by Jon
Monday, 10.25.2021 @ 12:37pm
some mortgage company called my work number. I told them I was not interested in discussing mortgages at work and to not call again
Posted by SS
Monday, 10.25.2021 @ 11:27am
Threatened n harassed me
Posted by Scared
Saturday, 10.23.2021 @ 09:55am
When took the call the line shut down- a total scammer from the number itself.
Posted by Dragon Laady
Saturday, 10.23.2021 @ 06:12am
called this am and hung up when I answered the phone.
Posted by Sonja
Friday, 10.22.2021 @ 12:38pm
It sent a text supposedly from Hermes, saying I was out when they tried to deliver a package & asked me to give credit card details to redeliver the package for a fee of £1:45.
Posted by Anton
Thursday, 10.21.2021 @ 16:18pm
Received two calls today, phone put down when I answer. Number maybe genuine BUT I do not live anywhere near Manchester! Suspect number has been cloned for scam/harassment purposes.
Posted by Scambuster
Thursday, 10.21.2021 @ 13:40pm
Same - four calls in one minute, no VM
Posted by J
Thursday, 10.21.2021 @ 13:18pm
silent phone call
Posted by Jac
Thursday, 10.21.2021 @ 11:10am
pretending to be from Amazon Prime
Posted by Robin
Thursday, 10.21.2021 @ 05:15am
Claimed to be calling from HSBC Security, about fraudulent activity on my account, and proceeded to 'stop my card' and 'create a new account'. Fortunately I sussed that it wasn't legit. HSBC number is 03457 404 404, so it's a close match!
Posted by Palu B
Wednesday, 10.20.2021 @ 09:41am
It's enterprise car rental at Hanworth
Posted by Jon
Wednesday, 10.20.2021 @ 09:30am
Anyone know who is calling from this number?
Posted by Kerri
Tuesday, 10.19.2021 @ 16:11pm
Monday, 10.18.2021 @ 14:48pm
Received SMS saying "Hermes: Please reschedule your delivery at https://hermes.check-online-reschedule.com before your item is returned to sender."
Posted by Teena
Saturday, 10.16.2021 @ 09:45am
Received a call from this telephone number. No message was left. Anonymous callback reached a LEC intercept saying that the number is not in service.
Posted by Paul C.
Friday, 10.15.2021 @ 16:46pm
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