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This number was given as customer support for McAfee, on an Email saying I had been debited for another years subscription.
I do not use this service, please take care.
Posted by Brian
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 10:13am
Citizen Housing
Posted by Jamed
Thursday, 07.30.2020 @ 07:48am
Topps Tiles, Boucher Road Belfast
Posted by Heather
Wednesday, 07.29.2020 @ 10:16am
Please help I keep being called by Nick on 01562 546136 saying he works for HMRC and wants to know how much tax I will be paying this tax year?

Monday, 07.27.2020 @ 07:04am
Specialist Motor Finance collections
Posted by Benabus
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 22:49pm
It's a courtesy call from BillBuddy asking if everything went ok with my recent utility switch.
Posted by Kez
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 06:21am
Phone call in the dead of night, hunk it might just be making its way around Skegness code numbers
Posted by Alex
Thursday, 07.23.2020 @ 00:46am
Someone from this number called claiming to be Investigator Kelly from Abner Bain and Associates. She says it so fast that it's very difficult to understand. It took several times of listening to understand her. She has been leaving messages for someone who does not live at my house at a number I've had for a very long time. In the message she left the social security number of the person she's looking for which I'm fairly confident is illegal. On a day off, I took the time to call them back and let them know that they had the wrong number. When I called her back she was extremely rude and said she was going to call me every day from different numbers and hung up on me. So I called her back. She hung up on me again. So I called her back. Rinse and repeat several more times and each time she gets more and more rude. Telling me things like get a job and name calling. Then she tells me she's going to block me, to which I respond bring it. Then she starts telling me that I'm calling a law firm, a clear attempt to intimidate me. During all this I tracked down the website for this supposed law firm. Here it is for anyone interested. https://www.abnerbainassociates.com/ I started calling the main number between calling her back to try and get someone else to speak with as she was being abusive and irrational. Nobody answered the main line even though I called it several times. Eventually they did block my number so I used the chat feature on their website to talk with someone. After a rather entertaining conversation I received confirmation that they would stop calling me. I highly suspect this is a scam. I find it highly hard to believe that a professional law firm would employ tactics like this or someone who is so incredibly rude. The other hint of a scam is that its website powered by WIX. It's basically the trailer park of webdesign.
Posted by Billiejean
Wednesday, 07.22.2020 @ 10:42am
looks like status employment services - part of jobseeker employment services
Posted by no need
Wednesday, 07.22.2020 @ 00:32am
Got calls from this number several times over the last couple of months. Caller keeps asking for someone named Rene Watson. Told caller no such person here and asked why were they trying to reach this person. The caller only said it was medical related. Don't know if it is a scam or not. Might be a debt collector looking for this person or might be a scammer. Just don't know.
Posted by Steve
Tuesday, 07.21.2020 @ 14:06pm
Called me three times but caller hanged up before I answer. finally got to her the 3rd time Chinese girl spoke in Manderin and weirdo enough to told me cant hear me clearly (I only said two mandarin words :'I am') and will call me back immediately than she hanged up. Waited for 10mins or so by now but obviously her immediately is not earth time and hell am not going to call her back....

So tried to search online see whose number is this....
Posted by Jenn
Thursday, 07.16.2020 @ 23:54pm
Called my cell rang two times them it stop.
Posted by Mary
Monday, 07.13.2020 @ 22:52pm
Texted asking about a facebook ad (link didnt work). Shortly afterwards I got a scam call supposedly from hmrc. Stay away from this number!
Posted by Person
Monday, 07.13.2020 @ 04:24am
Received a number of missed calls then a message was left saying they where calling from ESA fraud team. Phoned back, and they knew some personal information about me, although dated information so seemed ligit. Was told I would receive a letter in a week to provide further information. This was 4/5 weeks ago and nothing been received. Not sure if a scam or not.
Posted by Sarah
Sunday, 07.12.2020 @ 16:08pm
813-380-3720 called 7July 2020 at 6:31pm. GET ready for Voting Season!!!
Posted by Annoyed
Wednesday, 07.8.2020 @ 11:59am
Got a phone call from this number. Went the following way:

01285704018:Hi is this XXX
Me: Depends who's asking
01285704018:I can't disclose that
Me: I can't disclose this is XXX

<I end call>
Posted by AJNabi
Wednesday, 07.8.2020 @ 04:42am
said his name is Peter Gibbs and he's calling to verify my address and I have until later today to resolve this issue :P
Posted by oh emm gee
Monday, 07.6.2020 @ 14:18pm
This number is linked to a tester cbd oil which they advertised as a tester for £2.99 but Unknow to me I entered into a monthly prescription which then led them to money out my account and I didn't even know! Im now waiting for a 80% refund as promised but nothing as yet and we are on week 5!
Posted by Krystle robinson
Monday, 07.6.2020 @ 07:44am
Just called the number back and it has a Natwest pre-recorded message.
Something about it feels dodgy.
Posted by Dougie
Thursday, 07.2.2020 @ 07:53am
Calling asking to confirm personal details. Hung up.
Posted by Dougie
Thursday, 07.2.2020 @ 07:51am
Telephoned and left no message
Posted by I don't know who this is
Wednesday, 07.1.2020 @ 13:08pm
Called 3 times in a row. No message.
Posted by SS
Wednesday, 07.1.2020 @ 11:39am
called twice in a row, didn't leave a message.
Posted by SS
Wednesday, 07.1.2020 @ 11:38am
Phoned my mobile 1112hrs 25June,line went dead when I answered!
Posted by George
Thursday, 06.25.2020 @ 06:22am
Caller ID: Williams IA - lots of background noise, female caller asked 'hello can I speak to the person in charge of your credit card processing?' I replied no and hung up.
Posted by Robin
Wednesday, 06.24.2020 @ 10:44am
Please stop faxing my home number! Use to be a buissness number 20 years ago but for 18 year's it's been a home phone number!
Posted by K
Monday, 06.22.2020 @ 12:16pm
this number has been calling me every week. Every time disconnect after a few rings before i managed to pick up.
Posted by LT
Monday, 06.22.2020 @ 10:10am
Who is own this no
Posted by Raju
Saturday, 06.20.2020 @ 05:51am
Warwick Hospital Physio Dept
Posted by C
Friday, 06.19.2020 @ 04:58am
A company called 'ClearHouse' whoever they are.
Posted by philip.macdougall
Thursday, 06.18.2020 @ 10:52am
Sonora, blacklisted? Lol ok. This was a phone number used to recruit volunteers during the 2016 presidential campaign. If any of you had called the number back you'd have heard the voicemail message informing you of that or received an explanation from the caller.
Posted by Phone Owner
Tuesday, 06.16.2020 @ 10:11am
The people on this number are scammers! They will make appointments with you about your Solar/gas boiler/damp course. If they turn up they are very convincing. All they are interested in is your hard earned money! Don't be fooled. They're quotes come in from as much as £4k! Then ask if you have money stashed away somewhere like your matteress!They also use: Ecosystems paperwork.
Posted by G Timbrell
Friday, 06.12.2020 @ 08:17am
This number is a scam do not answer it is a guy with a funny accent voice not from US and with an echo behind and if u hang up he calls and calls so ya no good number
Posted by Reyna
Friday, 06.12.2020 @ 00:15am
This is a scamer!
Posted by Dee
Wednesday, 06.10.2020 @ 16:03pm
A caller using this number scammed us on a credit card - (Card Not Present) - Proceed with caution
Posted by Lou
Tuesday, 06.9.2020 @ 09:28am
I am receiving calls from this number usually within two minutes of each other, and now they have left a voice mail to which l am not going to listen in case there are hidden charges. they started about 4/06/20
Posted by Paul
Tuesday, 06.9.2020 @ 08:02am
Posted by Noah
Tuesday, 06.9.2020 @ 05:30am
Spam. Left a message
Posted by Susan
Monday, 06.8.2020 @ 09:20am
Caller said he was contacting us about loft insulation we had installed under the government funded scheme. I said wasn't us could be the previous owner. He hung up without another word. I have also visited another site and marked the call as dangerous.
Posted by John
Wednesday, 06.3.2020 @ 05:33am
I wonder if this number in Coventry is a hosting platform. Obviously the caller was calling from a very noisy call centre in India.
Wanted to ask me marketing questions. I hung up.
Posted by Martin
Monday, 06.1.2020 @ 08:11am
This is a Therapy Clinic for kids
Posted by Kerry
Saturday, 05.30.2020 @ 12:14pm

Call came in on May 26, 2020 11:45am.
did not answer, they did not leave a message.
Posted by M
Tuesday, 05.26.2020 @ 12:09pm
UKG brokers. Very helpful and just switched my insurance to them. Would recommend.
Posted by Amira
Tuesday, 05.26.2020 @ 09:46am
Text from this number claiming to be from "Look After My Bills"
Posted by Andrew
Sunday, 05.24.2020 @ 07:16am
Automatic Fax Machine
Posted by Mr Richard McDonald
Saturday, 05.23.2020 @ 08:45am
For what I know, this type of phone numbers are registered by alleged free-lance agents of some phone companies. Don't answer unless they "think" buy the tone of your voice your are an eligible candidate to either be swindled
or are willing to sell "weird stuff". Some people have been asked if they want to be sell illegal drugs. Other complainers just said they offer weird stuff (drugs, bonuses, etc.). They call me today and, as they say in the other posts, they don't say anything and hung up.
Posted by Carmen
Thursday, 05.21.2020 @ 11:18am
I would like to know who are these people calling me?
Posted by Andy
Wednesday, 05.20.2020 @ 08:41am
Unable to block calls/text messages since the numbers are spoofed, blocking/reporting has no affect on the actual spammers, I've even been spammed with my own cell number in the caller ID! Keep asking your phone provider to provide tools to filter unwanted calls/messages, since we pay them for the service, they need to step up!
Posted by Fed-Up
Tuesday, 05.19.2020 @ 11:35am
Keeps ringing me all the time none stop
Posted by James
Monday, 05.18.2020 @ 09:50am
Why are they calling me all the time? Never say anything, and if I call back on a different number it is
always busy.
Posted by Diane
Thursday, 05.14.2020 @ 22:15pm
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