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Rang this evening. A woman asked for my husband by his name and said something like they were checking electricity in our area and asked if he still owned our property and she actually gave my husband our address so she had our details. My husband didn't confirm any details and asked her who she was. She wouldn't reply and then put the phone down.
Posted by Tony
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 14:20pm
No message
Posted by SH
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 11:46am
Had a missed call at work from this number - googled it and it's a company called "COOK". Why the heck would they be calling a hospital many miles from their base ... unless it's cold selling (ie a nuisance call).
Posted by Med SEc
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 08:32am
calls leaves no message
Posted by mad person
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 18:28pm
called says it's from the irs fraud division. SCAMMER

called them back had an INDIA accent told him to rub the red dot off his forehead and see if he won a 7-11 or a hotel or a cab company I got hung up on
Posted by bi-polar bear
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 14:57pm
Scammer pretending to be HealthNet
Posted by carey
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 14:44pm
These are jury service admin people usually asking if you can move dates.
Posted by Robert
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 12:04pm
Who is calling me does anybody know
Posted by Paul
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 12:00pm
Dialed the number back from work and got a message that you have dialed a number that long distance charges apply.
Hung up immediately
Posted by Chuck
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 11:44am
I receive at least one call a day from this jokers and never pickup the phone until yesterday.
It was a machine asking for confirmation information such as DOB. I hung up, it is sure a scam
Posted by Dan
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 10:37am
he is saying 2 names kay and lily
Posted by Julie
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 06:53am
Robert - is a painter
Posted by Rob
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 05:08am
This number called me and told me that I was over the wifi data and was charging me..never said for who just told me they were going to charge me and they had a cardnon file...becarful and don't bother to answer..its some little punks trying to make people mad..
Posted by Ash
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 21:57pm
They were saying it was irs and need payment or will get arrested
Posted by Stephen
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 17:48pm
Calls daily, hangs up, no message! Who is this?!?!
Posted by Vicki
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 12:47pm
I receive a call from this number twice a day or more. Who is this?
Posted by Matthew Thompson
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 12:31pm
i just got a missed call from this number around 13h32 today.
Posted by David
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 07:40am
i just got a missed call from this number around 13h32 today.
Posted by David
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 07:37am
marketing stuff
Posted by hay
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 01:43am
Called three times in a roll. Didn't answer when I picked up.
Posted by Sue
Monday, 07.17.2017 @ 17:34pm
Called the 844-325-6419 number back and I got a female automated recording.

"Thanks for the call.

Configure your number's voice you are L (eligible?) to change this message.

Let us know if we can help you in anyway during your development."

That is all she says then the call disconnects.
Posted by Mell
Monday, 07.17.2017 @ 17:22pm
Received a missed call from this number and then got a text that I was then left a voicemail that was 4 minutes and 27 seconds long! i checked the voicemail, and no one was talking - I only listened to the first 20 seconds or so thinking that there would be someone that would eventually talk. but no.
Posted by Nicola
Monday, 07.17.2017 @ 12:09pm
Left message on my voice mail and all he said was "f**king f**ck". Do not appreciate the foul language!!!
Posted by Brenda
Monday, 07.17.2017 @ 11:31am
I just got this message as an SMS to my mobile broadband mobile number!
"Courtesy reminder: CommBank Credit Card ******** payment due on 07/07/17. Avoid a $20 late fee by paying on or before this date. Any questions, call 132221."
But I DON'T HAVE any credit cards, NOR any accounts with the C'wlth Bank.
... Jason, 17-7-2017
Posted by Jason
Monday, 07.17.2017 @ 11:08am
Didnt leave a message when ringing but rang back and it was a recruitment agency about a job i applied for
Posted by Aaron
Friday, 07.14.2017 @ 17:40pm
This is Nissan at Bury.
Follow up to service.
Posted by Henry
Friday, 07.14.2017 @ 15:13pm
Keep phoning at work on a daily basis - seems to be a sales call for cheaper energy. Won't take no for an answer. Same woman each time.
Posted by T
Friday, 07.14.2017 @ 07:42am
Just calls me. I answered, they put down. I called back, they are busy.
Posted by K
Friday, 07.14.2017 @ 04:02am
i was not able to receive your call i was on travel.why are ypu calling me
Posted by jennifer nazarro
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 23:16pm
I have been called by this number

Something to do with boiler quotes (replacement boiler work)
Posted by Jordan Shaw
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 20:14pm
Called me 3 times on Jul 13 2017; hangs up; I call back, no answer!
CallerID shows number for List Flex, so looked that up; apparently they have job openings, but, no one answers phone???

Would love to know why they need to call me and not talk to me!!
Posted by annoyed
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 16:34pm
Silent Call 18:56 13/07/17
Posted by Colin Friston
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 14:01pm
Called once and didn't leave a message
Posted by CJ
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 13:05pm
nothing .. just rings my phone .. I answer .. and nothing ..
Posted by PB
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 12:44pm
Junk caller now blocked
Posted by Ned
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 06:03am
phoned by this number saying they were doing noisy work near me and if i was blocked in call the number on the van. then said they were offering big discounts for those affected. they knew my name address and phone number. scary im ex directory
Posted by j shaw
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 05:04am
who called me up I did not answer immediately coz i have meeting
Posted by mitch
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 03:18am
Not answered as unknown number.
No message left.
Posted by Scimitar
Thursday, 07.13.2017 @ 01:39am
calls incessantly answered they asked for my husband told her he wasn't home she hung up and did not state her business.next time she will get profanity she has never heard before sick and tired of these imposing phone calls.
Posted by sandy
Wednesday, 07.12.2017 @ 15:08pm
Who is this please?
Posted by Nigel Thompson
Wednesday, 07.12.2017 @ 07:49am
Called about energy efficiency tests being held this week. Said I know nothing about this and she said sorry and hung up.
Posted by Jim
Wednesday, 07.12.2017 @ 07:28am

Thank you for removing the defamatory post authored by the cyber stalker. He was identified by the authorities thanks for the assistance from this site. The owner of the phone number 503-307-5456 is a reputable individual and the fictitious posts that were removed were in no way factual. Thank you.
Posted by Janet Rice Attorney LLC
Wednesday, 07.12.2017 @ 04:31am
Looks like promotional call no from bank
Posted by rizwan.ahmad
Wednesday, 07.12.2017 @ 03:10am
Spam caller
Posted by Martha
Tuesday, 07.11.2017 @ 17:07pm
Missed call, no voicemail left.
Posted by Tawny
Tuesday, 07.11.2017 @ 11:40am
This number 029170599 is always calling me and every time I answered she/he hang up the phone. I would like to know where is their location and who is the owner of this number? She/He always disturbing.

Thank you.
Posted by airen ariola
Monday, 07.10.2017 @ 10:27am
I had a call from a woman on this number asking me to confirm my name. I asked what it was concerning. They did not answer that but then asked if my address and quoted an address. I again asked who they were and what concerning. She said she needed to confirm my details first and I said I needed to confirm hers before I would answer anything on a phone. She then said 'You are a bit rude' . I said I was not but if she was calling me then I had a right to know who she was before discussing anything and would not confirm anything until she said her business. She then shouted...'no you are rude' and slammed phone down. I got her number from last call received.

I grow tired of people calling with unsolicited calls, basically people intruding in your home and cold calling. But a double insult when they are then rude because they cannot get information
Posted by R J
Monday, 07.10.2017 @ 06:48am
Saturday, 07.8.2017 @ 15:16pm
Still keeps calling my phone, about once a month will call several times over a day. When I answer and demand to know who it is, caller won't respond. Block this number!
Posted by Still Annoyed
Friday, 07.7.2017 @ 21:00pm
Keeps calling my work number.
Posted by Rita
Friday, 07.7.2017 @ 10:14am
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